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World Land Trust (WLT) and its network of partners carries out innovative conservation work that is regularly featured in local and national media. This page displays a selection of news articles featuring WLT, ranging from our work to conserve threatened habitats and species to our high profile events.

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  • Record bid for a space-hopping student

    This is Cornwall
    7 June, 2012

    A student is planning to smash the world record for longest distance travelled on a space hopper, on Gwithian beach next weekend. Roger Auster, 19, who studies in Falmouth, plans to travel 3.9 miles on his trusty hopper Napoleon in an attempt to raise funds for the World Land Trust.

  • Wallis launches new collection by print designer Lollie Dunbar

    Web Wire
    28 May, 2012

    Wallis, a premium high street women’s clothing brand, has launched a new collection by aspiring print designer Lollie Dunbar [...] In addition to this latest endeavour with Wallis, she has also collaborated with the World Land Trust and Liberty London after winning a scarf print design competition.

  • Rookie rider revs up for global test

    South Wales Evening Post
    22 May, 2012

    SHE only got her motorcycle driving licence a few weeks ago — but later this year a former policewoman will set-off on a round the world fundraising trip [...] In addition to helping the Wales Air Ambulance, the couple will also raise money for World Land Trust, and Riders for Health.

  • Young designer takes textile world by storm

    The Oxford Times
    19 May, 2012

    Aged 22, Lollie Dunbar has been asked by women’s fashion company Wallis to design a line for their spring and summer collection. The high street store called Miss Dunbar after she won a scarf print competition run by Liberty, the World Land Trust and her university, last December.

  • Indigenous group and NGO establish crucial corridor in vanishing Atlantic Forest
    17 May, 2012

    Last month, three Guarani communities, the local Argentine government of Misiones, and the UK-based NGO World Land Trust forged an agreement to create a nature reserve connecting three protected areas in the fractured, and almost extinct, Atlantic Forest.

  • Business Charity Awards: Cause-related marketing - Winner: Miko Coffee with the World Land Trust

    Third Sector
    15 May, 2012

    Awarded to a marketing partnership between a business and a charity that has used the company's products to promote the charity's cause or brand, or helped to raise funds for the charity.

  • The world’s most toxic frog is meeting a poisonous fate

    The Telegraph
    12 May, 2012

    What’s in a name? Quite a bit, it seems, when it comes to Phyllobates terribilis, possibly the world’s deadliest creature.

  • Endangered poison dart frog gets sanctuary in Colombia

    USA Today
    9 May, 2012

    A 124-acre nature reserve in the South American nation of Colombia has been created to provide sanctuary to the endangered golden poison dart frog.

  • Protecting Killer Frogs From Killer Humans

    The New York Times
    9 May, 2012

    Now, the Rana (Spanish for frog) Terribilis Amphibian Reserve has opened for business in Colombia, thanks to the good offices of several biodiversity organizations.

  • Botanicula: New Forest Saving Video Game!

    The Daily Activist
    26 April, 2012

    Independent video game distributor Humble Bundle has been pretty progressive since its inception in 2010.

  • Humble Bundle Has The Rainforest In Mind
    25 April, 2012

    We are all here right now because we like games [...] we also like to help out where we can. If you could combine games and helping people and/or the planet, surely that would be a worthy cause, right?

  • There is more to art in Mendham than Munnings

    Diss Express
    21 April, 2012

    Mendham, home of the late great artist Sir Alfred Munnings, is celebrating the successes of home grown talent following in his footsteps.

    Pupils from the village primary school have won prizes in the World Land Trust Children’s Art Competition held at the trust’s gallery in Halesworth.

  • Botanicula leads all-Amanita Humble Bundle
    19 April, 2012

    The latest Humble Bundle is your first opportunity to purchase Amanita Design's newest point-and-click game, Botanicula [...] You can choose to funnel some of your Humble funds toward the World Land Trust, a group dedicated to saving threatened habitats.

  • New Humble Bundle includes Botanicula and a movie
    19 April, 2012

    It’s been a month since the last Humble Indie Bundle, so it’s time for another [...] You get to choose how your money is allocated, with the charity this time being the World Land Trust. The WLT takes direct action to save rainforests and wildlife habitats and is well worth donating a few dollars to.

  • Children’s Art Competition by World Land Trust

    BBC Radio Suffolk
    21 March, 2012

    Guy Campbell from BBC Radio Suffolk speaking with Kelly Jacobs, WLT Education, Outreach & Training Manager, about the Children's Art Competition Exhibition in the World Land Trust gallery.

    (3 min 22 sec)

  • World's most toxic frog gets new reserve
    5 March, 2012

     “In a bid to save the species, the World Land Trust (WLT) and Colombian NGO ProAves have teamed up to establish a 50 hectare (124 acres) reserve in the Chocó rainforest.”

  • Protection for golden poison frog, the world's most poisonous vertebrate
    29 February, 2012

    "The golden poison frog lives deep in the heart of the Colombian rainforest. This tiny creature is considered to be the most poisonous vertebrate on Earth."

  • World Land Trust

    The Green Parent
    29 February, 2012

    …“I showed her an education pack called Running in the Corridors, which had been sent to me by the World Land Trust and which contains a CD (which Lyddie loved exploring), competition, game and poster.”

  • Diamonds are forever, but modern lovers give emeralds a green light

    The Times
    13 February, 2012

    "Of the suitors nerving themselves for a Valentine's proposal tomorrow, many will have a diamond ring ready. But this year, an increasing number are expected to choose emeralds… But behind the boom is the game-changing business model of Gemfields, the British-based mining company."

  • The secret code that is written in the snow

    The Times
    11 February, 2012

    "Last year I was in Zambia with the World Land Trust. We visited a partner-donor organisation, the emerald-mining company Gemfields. One reason for the trip was to see how green, ho ho, their operation was, and it stood up to our scrutiny very well."


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