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World Land Trust (WLT) and its network of partners carries out innovative conservation work that is regularly featured in local and national media. This page displays a selection of news articles featuring WLT, ranging from our work to conserve threatened habitats and species to our high profile events.

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  • Into the Wild: Please save this deadly frog

    The Times
    3 September, 2011

    "ProAves is now in the process of identifying the right areas to create the first protected habitats for the golden poison frog. It is doing this with the support of the World Land Trust..."

  • Rise in attacks – bad news for victims, good news for tigers

    The Independent
    1 August, 2011

    "For villagers and their families it is a tragedy, but for tiger conservationists a sudden rise in the number of attacks offers welcome, if gruesome, evidence the predator is staging a comeback."

  • Battle of the Chaco: Who will win the wilderness?

    New Scientist
    9 July, 2011

    "In the Chaco in Paraguay, biodiversity rivals that of the neighbouring Amazon. So why is it being destroyed at an accelerating pace?"

  • The transformation of the Chaco is an ecological and human tragedy

    The Guardian
    8 July, 2011

    "As the Natural History Museum's expedition is abandoned, the area is being converted to ranchland faster than ever."

  • Super Scarves raise funds to save land

    PR Week
    8 July, 2011

    "The World Land Trust, a conservation charity, teamed up with Liberty of London and Winchester School of Art to raise funds for five land protection projects."

  • 'Emeralds for Elephants' auction raises $1 million

    National Jeweler
    1 July, 2011

    "An auction that included an array of emerald jewelry by well-known designers and an emerald-studded "elephant" has raised $1 million for the World Land Trust and the Wildlife Trust of India, organizations that work to create a network of wildlife corridors for the endangered Asian elephant."

  • Why my heart belongs to Zambia

    The Times
    11 June, 2011

    "Simon Barnes fell in love with Zambia 20 years ago. He has returned again and again, not just to engage with the wildlife, but to fight for an Eden under threat."

  • Trunk Calling

    EADT Suffolk Magazine (pages 122-23)
    1 May, 2011

    "Adventures in India over 22 years have led Halesworth couple to explore the heart of the country. On their latest trip they met the people saving the Asian elephant."

  • India’s poor pay deadly price for population boom

    New Statesman
    25 April, 2011

    "Hundreds of people are killed every year by wild animals in India as there is less and less land to sustain its development and population increase. The World Land Trust is saving lives and protecting wild spaces through their Indian Elephant appeal."

  • Animal Art

    Good Homes Magazine
    1 April, 2011

    "Don’t miss the Andrew Squire’s Hinterland exhibition in collaboration with the World Land Trust."

  • Lily Cole: People and elephants can live in harmony

    New Scientist
    23 February, 2011

    "A visit to India gave the model and actress striking evidence of how humans and elephants can live in peace with each other, with the right planning."

  • Lily Cole: Observer Ethical Awards judge

    The Guardian
    26 January, 2011

    "This year Lily helped launch the World Land Trust's Emerald for Elephant Exhibition, which has been designed to create awareness and raise important funds for the protection of the critically endangered Asian elephant."

  • Wildlife corridors are the Asian elephant's last chance for survival

    The Ecologist
    22 June, 2010

    "The Asian elephant is at an all time-low. I predict extinction if we do not do something to secure its shrinking habitat."

  • Blue Peter's Liz Barker helps new tropical house set sail

    Royston Crow 24
    6 June, 2010

    "The house is also adorned with magnificent species photographs taken in the Atlantic Rainforest by animal keeper - Chris Knowles, who spent a month at the REGUA reserve, which the wildlife park donated £6,000 towards its protection through the World Land Trust last year."

  • Chelsea Flower Show 2010: Guns and chainsaws highlight plight of the rainforests

    The Telegraph
    27 May, 2010

    "An award-winning display about the plight of the rainforests includes the first gun to be planted in a garden at Chelsea Flower Show."

  • Strange rumbles in the Suffolk jungle

    The Times
    4 July, 2009

    "Two or three months ago, as regular readers of the space will remember, I was out in the jungles of India saving the elephants with the Word Land Trust. And at the end, I was having a beer with Vivek Menon, CEO of the Wildlife Trust of India, and a great elephant man... By Simon Barnes"

  • £568.48: the price on the head of an orang-utan

    The Times
    2 August, 2008

    "An initiative to help to stop orang-utans being driven into extinction has put the price of saving the apes at £568.48 a head."

  • Shared management of one million hectares of Paraguayan chaco presented

    Portal Paraguayo de Noticias (in Spanish)
    16 July, 2008

    "The official presentation of the co-management of one million hectares of Paraguayan Chaco was made, where the Ministry of Environment, Guyra Paraguay Foundation and the World Land Trust (WLT, British NGO) under a tripartite agreement..."

  • Inaccessible forest in the Chaco gets £10m protection

    The Times
    18 June, 2008

    "The WLT intends to raise £10 million for a trust fund to pay for the long-term management of the area, including paying for wardens recruited from indigenous populations."

  • Saved: the wildest place on earth

    The Times
    18 June, 2008

    "Remote and impenetrable, the Chaco forest in Paraguay has been saved with the help of a maverick conservationist from Suffolk."


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