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World Land Trust (WLT) and its network of partners carries out innovative conservation work that is regularly featured in local and national media. This page displays a selection of news articles featuring WLT, ranging from our work to conserve threatened habitats and species to our high profile events.

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  • Rainforest On Your PC News
    1 February, 2008

    "Next time you complain about your broadband going down or your internet playing up, spare a thought for Jack Astbury and the team at World Land Trust."

  • The BIAZA Reserve, saving tropical rainforest in Brazil

    BIAZA Lifelines
    31 January, 2008

    Since early 2007 BIAZA and World land Trust have been working together in a bid to purchase and protect a 1,500 hectare parcel of threatened land in the Atlantic rainforest in Brazil. This forest, considered to be one of the world's most critically endangered ecosystems, is reduced to only 7% of its original forest cover and this exciting project aims to save an important area as a protected reserve.

  • Webcam in the forest

    The Guardian
    18 January, 2008

    "Last night the World Land Trust launched its new project, which has placed a webcam in a South American rainforest in a bid to show conservation work in action..."

  • The jungle out there - now in here

    The Times
    17 January, 2008

    "A webcam giving people the chance to discover unknown species without leaving the comfort of their homes will be set up today."

  • Reverence in a green cathedral

    The Times
    6 October, 2007

    "I paid a visit to the Reserva Ecológica di Guapi Assu, where purchases, aided by WLT, have already been made and stunning areas of forest have been made safe."

  • The deep Chaco

    Última Hora (in Spanish)
    15 September, 2007

    "The aquisition of Campo Iris cost some $75,000 and the purchase was made possible through the support of the World Land Trust (WLT)."

  • Acres of Paraguayan wetland saved

    BBC News
    12 January, 2007

    "A British charity has moved to save thousands of acres of environmentally important wetland in South America from destruction."


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