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World Land Trust (WLT) and its network of partners carries out innovative conservation work that is regularly featured in local and national media. This page displays a selection of news articles featuring WLT, ranging from our work to conserve threatened habitats and species to our high profile events.

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  • £568.48: the price on the head of an orang-utan

    The Times
    2 August, 2008

    "An initiative to help to stop orang-utans being driven into extinction has put the price of saving the apes at £568.48 a head."

  • Education at REGUA

    BIAZA Lifelines
    31 July, 2008

    With just seven percent of Atlantic rainforest remaining, anything that can be done to help preserve the remainder is a welcome move. Seventy percent of the population of Brazil lives in the Atlantic rainforest and, as with wall successful conservation initiatives, the solution to saving the rainforest must involve the people who live there. At REGUA (Reserva Ecologica de Guapi Assu) environmental education takes the form of both school visits and an extra-curricular group, the Young Rangers.

    In the past, Young Rangers have cleared litter from along waterways, given performances to the local community and local businesses to raise awareness of the problem of litter and visited other project areas to learn more about them.

    If anyone has prepared resources in the form of worksheets/ information sheets about the flora and fauna of the Atlantic rainforest that they would be willing to share with REGUA, please contact World Land Trust.

  • Shared management of one million hectares of Paraguayan chaco presented

    Portal Paraguayo de Noticias (in Spanish)
    16 July, 2008

    "The official presentation of the co-management of one million hectares of Paraguayan Chaco was made, where the Ministry of Environment, Guyra Paraguay Foundation and the World Land Trust (WLT, British NGO) under a tripartite agreement..."

  • Inaccessible forest in the Chaco gets £10m protection

    The Times
    18 June, 2008

    "The WLT intends to raise £10 million for a trust fund to pay for the long-term management of the area, including paying for wardens recruited from indigenous populations."

  • Saved: the wildest place on earth

    The Times
    18 June, 2008

    "Remote and impenetrable, the Chaco forest in Paraguay has been saved with the help of a maverick conservationist from Suffolk."

  • Foreigners are willing to invest heavily in Paraguayan tourism

    ABC Paraguay (in Spanish)
    16 June, 2008

    " tourism generates alot of money. Particularly in England, large numbers of people pay money to see landscapes in their natural state with no man-made changes..."

  • Broken rainforest crying to be healed

    The Times
    14 June, 2008

    "This part has been bought up by Guyra Paraguay with the support of the World Land Trust in this country. There are holes at the edge of the forest and here, gloriously, the broken forest is being healed."

  • Symposium looks at growth of private protected areas

    Channel 5 Belize
    23 May, 2008

    "This week approximately twenty-seven conservationists from around the world made their way to La Milpa Field Station in Orange Walk for a symposium on “Financial Sustainability of Private Protected Areas."

  • Carbon offsetting schemes 'very confusing'

    19 March, 2008

    "Climate Care was the most transparent, with Blue Ventures Carbon Offset, Pure and the World Land Trust also highly rated."

  • Guyra Paraguay opens biological station in Bahía Negra

    Programa de las naciones Unidas para el Desarollo (in Spanish)
    11 March, 2008

    "World Land Trust is one of the donor organizations"

  • Buying land can save the world's wilderness areas

    The Guardian
    21 February, 2008

    David Attenborough's response to the article The great green land grab:
    "John Vidal's article makes some very pertinent observations about people and organisations that buy land for conservation, but let us not throw the baby out with the bathwater."

  • Rainforest On Your PC News
    1 February, 2008

    "Next time you complain about your broadband going down or your internet playing up, spare a thought for Jack Astbury and the team at World Land Trust."

  • The BIAZA Reserve, saving tropical rainforest in Brazil

    BIAZA Lifelines
    31 January, 2008

    Since early 2007 BIAZA and World land Trust have been working together in a bid to purchase and protect a 1,500 hectare parcel of threatened land in the Atlantic rainforest in Brazil. This forest, considered to be one of the world's most critically endangered ecosystems, is reduced to only 7% of its original forest cover and this exciting project aims to save an important area as a protected reserve.

  • Webcam in the forest

    The Guardian
    18 January, 2008

    "Last night the World Land Trust launched its new project, which has placed a webcam in a South American rainforest in a bid to show conservation work in action..."

  • The jungle out there - now in here

    The Times
    17 January, 2008

    "A webcam giving people the chance to discover unknown species without leaving the comfort of their homes will be set up today."

  • Reverence in a green cathedral

    The Times
    6 October, 2007

    "I paid a visit to the Reserva Ecológica di Guapi Assu, where purchases, aided by WLT, have already been made and stunning areas of forest have been made safe."

  • The deep Chaco

    Última Hora (in Spanish)
    15 September, 2007

    "The aquisition of Campo Iris cost some $75,000 and the purchase was made possible through the support of the World Land Trust (WLT)."

  • Acres of Paraguayan wetland saved

    BBC News
    12 January, 2007

    "A British charity has moved to save thousands of acres of environmentally important wetland in South America from destruction."


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