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World Land Trust (WLT) and its network of partners carries out innovative conservation work that is regularly featured in local and national media. This page displays a selection of news articles featuring WLT, ranging from our work to conserve threatened habitats and species to our high profile events.

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  • Big Match funding campaign to save Andean cloud forest

    Birdwatch website
    1 October, 2015

    TV wildlife presenter Steve Backshall and the World Land Trust are joining forces to save cloud forest in the Andes, home of many threatened bird species.

    World Land Trust (WLT) – the international conservation charity – has joined forces with television presenter and conservationist Steve Backshall to raise £500,000 to save an important area of cloud forest on the eastern slopes of the Andes in central Ecuador.

    The main fundraising effort will take place during Big Match Fortnight, from 1-15 October 2015, during which all donations to WLT’s Forests in the Sky Appeal will be doubled thanks to 'match funding' pledged in advance by a small group of WLT’s generous donors.

    In recent years, Big Match Fortnight has raised considerable sums for WLT’s conservation programmes. In 2013, for example, World Land Trust raised more than £725,000 to protect a wildlife corridor along the northern bank of River Kinabatangan in Malaysian Borneo, and this year World Land Trust has set its sights on raising £500,000 in the first two weeks of October to protect some of the world’s finest cloud forest.

    If successful, the Forests in the Sky Appeal will fund the purchase and protection of a cluster of properties lying between Los Llanganates and Sangay National Parks in the Eastern Andes of Central Ecuador, saving at least 2,000 acres of land. The target properties are adjacent to reserves already owned and managed by the Ecuadorian conservation organisation Fundación EcoMinga, which has  been working in partnership with WLT since 2007.

    The land to be saved is home to a wide range of threatened and endangered birds and mammals, including Spectacled Bears, Mountain Tapirs and Black-and-chestnut Eagles, while the Near Threatened Andean Condor also has a stronghold in the area. The target properties are a priority for protection because once secure, they will help bridge gaps in the Forests in the Sky Corridor on the west side of the broader Llanganates Sangay Corridor.

    In support of the appeal, Steve Backshall said: “I love Ecuador. I love the rainforest and its creatures great and small. To me, it is just as important to save poisonous frogs and discover tiny new orchids as it is to save large mammals such as Spectacled Bears. Each is unique and important, and this latest WLT project has them all, just waiting to be saved. This is a great opportunity to make your donation go twice as far and I hope that together we can save the Forests in the Sky Corridor.”

    Lou Jost of Fundación EcoMinga said: “I am so thrilled that WLT agrees that this is an exceptional opportunity to extend EcoMinga’s network of reserves in Llanganates-Sangay Corridor. I am confident that species new to science will be discovered once the target properties have been purchased and protected.”

    For further details on the Forests in the Sky Appeal visit

  • Salamanders Lost, Found and Saved

    National Geographic website
    25 September, 2015

    An expedition to find species missing for decades in the remote cloud forests of northwest Guatemala leads to a new sanctuary for rare and elusive salamanders. Below is a first hand account of the expedition and resulting conservation success...

    ...A global consortium of conservation groups rapidly formed and responded. TheAmphibian Survival Alliance, Global Wildlife Conservation, Rainforest Trust, World Land Trustand International Conservation Fund of Canada quickly raised the support needed to realize the vision of Carlos Vasquez :  a sanctuary for the salamanders of the Cuchumatanes. 

  • Brooklyn Beckham enjoys a night out without the parents as he parties with Henry Cavill and Nick Grimshaw at film premiere

    The Daily Mail
    23 September, 2015

    Just five minutes walk away, his parents Victoria and David Beckham were hosting a star-studded dinner at the designer's Mayfair store.

    But like most teenagers, Brooklyn would rather spend a night out without his parents 'cramping his style' as he attended the premiere of a new short film on Tuesday.

    The aspiring model, 16, joined a host of big names, including Sir David Attenborough, Henry Cavill, David Gandy and Nick Grimshaw at Dunhill London's Bourdon House...

    ...The event, on the last night of London Fashion Week, was to mark the premiere of a new film by the World Land Trust about the plight to save micro orchids, some of the smallest and rare planet species on Earth.

    Brooklyn was there to support Creative Director Jonny Lu - who made the film - who has previously worked with his mother Victoria. 

    Sir David, who is patron of the World Land Trust, introduced the film to the select crowd at the private event, which was hosted by Dunhill's CEO Fabrizio Cardinali.

    Also in attendance was model/actress Tallulah Harlech, designer Peter Pilotto and new mother Lily Cole.

    Model Lily, who gave birth to her first child on September 11, looked radiant in a red maxi dress and tan coat as she chatted away to Sir David.

    The six-minute long film Orchids of Baños, which will be screened on, shows the world of the Trust and their Ecuador conservation partner Fundación EcoMinga.

    The film follows Ecominga botanist Lou Jost's discovery of 10 new orchid species in the Andean cloud forests of central Ecuador. 

    The film itself is only 6 minutes long, but has been shot by art director Jonny Lu, who works with the likes of Victoria Beckham and Givenchy.

    Guests at the party were given the chance to acquire naming rights to the 10 new discoveires, with funds going to fund conservation of the orchid habitat in Ecuador. 

    Sir David Attenborough enthused: 'The natural world today, in spite of all of the disasters and catastrophes that afflict it, is still full of great wonders. World Land Trust aims to find those wonders and help the local people own the land in which those wonders are found.' 



  • Brooklyn Beckham ditches parents David and Victoria for Nick Grimshaw and Henry Cavill at London premiere

    The Evening Standard
    23 September, 2015

    Brooklyn Beckham proved he was all grown up as he shunned his parents David and Victoria for his celebrity friends at a London premiere.

    Brooklyn, 16, stepped out for the launch of Orchids of Baños - a short film by the World Land Trust about the plight to save micro orchids - at Dunhill London's Bourdon House...

    ...Sir David Attenborough - patron of the World Land Trust - introduced the six minute film to guests including X Factor judge Nick Grimshaw, designer Peter Pilotto and models David Gandy and Lily Cole.

    Speaking to guests Attenborough said: "The natural world today, in spite of all of the disasters and catastrophes that afflict it, is still full of great wonders. World Land Trust aims to find those wonders and help the local people own the land in which those wonders are found."

  • Brooklyn Beckham hangs out with Nick Grimshaw as he ditches parents for film premiere

    The Mirror
    23 September, 2015

    The 16-year-old was flying solo as he joined a host of stars at Dunhill London's Bourdon House...

    ...Inside the bash, a screening of 'The Orchids of Banos', Brooklyn happily posed for pictures next to Jonny Lu.

    World Land Trust patron Sir David Attenborough was also in attendance, alongside model Lily Cole who earlier this month gave birth to her first child.

  • Tomorrow’s conservationists what we can learn from Danjugan Island
    19 September, 2015

    Silence sits on its haunches and watches the time go by amid the songs of wild birds and echoing purrs of coral reef in Danjugan Island...

    ...When the environmental crisis had indefinably hit Danjugan in the early 1990s, Gerry was compelled to make a radical decision that would define the future of the island.  This time, necessity had already superseded ambition. So, armed only with obstinate desire to save the island’s sanctuary, Gerry and his fellow conservationists of the Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation, Inc. (PRRCFI) purchased Danjugan in 1994 from a private owner with the help of two NGOs based in the UK—the World Land Trust (WLT) and the Coral Cay Conservation (CCC).

  • World Land Trust helps Fundacion ProAves in Colombia buy vital land for rare birds

    Wildlife Extra News
    13 July, 2015

    The World Land Trust (WLT) has made a donation from its Action Fund to help the Fundación ProAves save important habitat in Colombia for the rare Santa Marta Parakeet....

  • David Attenborough and me: an inspirational journey of a lifetime

    The Independent
    11 July, 2015

    There is no one quite like the world's greatest living naturalist. And long before Barack Obama felt the Attenborough effect, there was Simon Barnes...

    ...Attenborough and I were in the Lin-Soc's superb double-decker library, attending another conservation do, this time for the World Land Trust...

    ...Attenborough's influence made me attempt a book about the entire animal kingdom. And because of him, I have been in quite a lot of jungles, as a council member of the World Land Trust. The patron of this fine organisation is of course Sir D, who else? WLT buys up land that's important for wildlife, but they don't own an inch of it. It's bought on behalf of cash-strapped wildlife NGOs in the developing world. I've visited projects in Brazil, Belize, India, Borneo, Zambia and Armenia. So when WLT ask me to do something, I jump. I jibbed on one just occasion. "No no no no – this is wrong. I'm not doing it. I'm absolutely not speaking after David Attenborough. I'm speaking before."

    But I wasn't. They insisted. I had to step up and speak out for wildlife conservation and do so after David had done his stuff. A guitarist coming on after Jimi Hendrix would have been less intimidated. So I attempted to make a virtue of this predicament.

  • Britain's Prince Is Raising Funds To Save Asian Elephants In India

    Huffington Post
    2 July, 2015

    The Asian elephant has a new champion — Britain's Prince Charles...

    ...Five conservational NGOs, including Wildlife Trust of India, Elephant Family, International Fund for Animal Welfare, IUCN Netherlands and World Land Trust, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to raise around 20 million pounds to create 100 elephant corridors in India by 2025.

  • UK auto-rickshaw auction raises funds to save Asian elephant

    The Tribune India
    2 July, 2015

    Britain's Prince Charles and his wife Camilla have launched an ambitious fund-raising drive for conservation of Asian elephants in India with a royal auction of auto-rickshaws in London...

    ...The auction was preceded by the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to raise around 20 million pounds to create 100 elephant corridors in India by 2025 as part of the Asian Elephant Alliance, comprising of five conservational NGOs including Wildlife Trust of India, Elephant Family, International Fund for Animal Welfare, IUCN Netherlands and World Land Trust.

  • Jumbos get the royal treatment

    Times of India
    2 July, 2015

    Guwahati: Elephants in the country, fast losing their right to safe passage, received assistance from royal quarters on Tuesday with Prince Charles offering to help secure jumbo corridors in the northeast and elsewhere in the country.

    The Prince of Wales hosted a fundraiser at Lancaster House in London on Tuesday and five conservation organizations — Elephant Family, International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, Netherlands, World Land Trust and Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) — signed an MoU to raise £20 million to secure 100 elephant corridors in the country, including in the northeast, by 2015.

  • Chris Packham: 'We seem to live in cull culture'

    Birdwatching Magazine
    1 July, 2015

    ... Our interview has been arranged by World Land Trust, of which Chris is a patron. It is an international conservation charity that protects the world's most biologically significant and threatened habitats acre by acre. 

    Since its foundation in 1989, WLT has funded partner organisations around the world to create reserves and provide permanent protection for habitats and wildlife.

    Chris is an eager champion. "This is an example of intelligent 21st Century conservation. Its model and business plan are very well executed and they do what it says on the tin. I'm dissatisfied with many of our so-called wildlife charities and I don't think they are entirely honest in what they do or say."...

  • Intl conservation bodies to raise 199 cr for elephants

    Business Standard
    1 July, 2015

    Five international conservation organisations have signed an MoU to raise Rs 199 crore for securing 100 elephant corridors in India by 2025... 

    ...Besides WTI, Elephant Family, International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), IUCN Netherlands and World Land Trust are part of the commitment to raise funds in the light of increasing fragmentation of forests and rising human-elephant conflict in India. 

  • Steve Backshall on what he loves most about the Berkshire and Buckinghamshire countryside

    Berkshire and Buckinghamshire Life
    8 June, 2015

    For once Steve Backshall is closer to home – so Jo Neville caught up with the worldwide explorer to discover why he loves our countryside...

    ...Time spent on the river isn’t just a relaxing hobby. During March he trained for the gruelling DW Race to raise money for World Land Trust which protects rainforests from illegal logging. Held over the Easter weekend, The DW Race is a 125 mile kayak race from Devizes to Westminster that competitors aim to complete in under 24 hours. With his race partner George Barnicoat, an Oxford Brookes sports coaching student, Steve completed the race within the time limit, an experience he describes as ‘23 hours and 17 minutes of hell’. He has however, raised up to £50,000, enough to save an area of Colombian rainforest the size of Monaco.

  • Independent on Sunday's Happy List 2015 : Ten household names

    The Independent
    7 June, 2015

    Sir David Attenborough

    The inimitable 89-year-old naturalist steadfastly highlights the dangers of denying climate change, and campaigns to save critically threatened habitats with the World Land Trust. "Let us all rise to the challenge: reduce our impact on the environment and vest any cash we have in saving what is left of the world’s wild spaces."

  • "On my first day as a professional cricketer, I arrived in my mum's 1963 Ford Anglia"
    20 May, 2015

    Here, he talks about his first days as a professional cricketer, why he was once almost accosted by an American waiter, and the reason why he believes HMRC is a "morally reprehensible" organisation.

    When my parents left Africa, the last thing we did was a tour of the Serengeti and the northern Tanzanian game parks. So, one of my abiding passions stemming from those early days, which I do as much as I can, is safari and wildlife conservation. That's one of the reasons I'm a patron of the rainforest charity, World Land Trust...

    ...David Gower supports the World Land Trust, the international conservation charity which protects the world's most biologically important and threatened habitats.

    Visit to make a donation.

  • Penrith Printer Presented with Oak Laurels

    Cumbria Crack
    13 May, 2015

    In recognition of its leading role in Green Printing and off-setting its carbon outputs, Cumbria’s largest printer H&H Reeds Printers of Penrith has been awarded an oak tree.

    Demonstrating their commitment to re-cycling H&H Reed’s carbon balanced printing is provided by international conservation charity, the World Land Trust (WLT). Paper is supplied by a print organisation, which has also mapped its operational carbon footprint. H&H Reed’s paper folding machinery cuts down on wasted paper by 60 per cent, and consumes less energy. Metal printing plates are recycled; as are vegetable-based inks.

  • Steve Backshall: 'My starting pay with the BBC was bonkers'

    The Telegraph website
    9 May, 2015

    Wildlife presenter Steve Backshall talks about his pitiful starting wage, his guilt-driven addiction to work and how free flights stoked a love of adventure.

    Do you give regularly to charity?

    Yes. I recently raised £50,000 for the World Land Trust to buy a big chunk of rainforest in Colombia and protect it. I try and give a hefty proportion of my free time to my charities. I am president of Berks, Bucks and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trusts and vice-president of several others.

  • Image of the day: Chris Packham

    Curious Animal
    8 May, 2015

    Chris Packham’s photos will be showing as part of World Land Trust’s exhibition Watching Spring: a celebration of the season, running from May 7 to June 20 at the WLT Art Gallery in Suffolk, UK. For more information, visit

  • Field conservation support

    BIAZA Annual Report
    6 May, 2015

    BIAZA’s relationship with theWorld Land Trust went from strength to strength during 2014. This represented the fourth stage of our relationship with a return to providing funding for buying reserves. We ran Buy an AcreMexico from February 2014 until the end of the year.

    Many of our members participated in fundraising activities and the BIAZA office undertook the Chilli Challenge of finding 100 Mexican items within a day in London. In total BIAZA and itsmembers raised over £23,000 for the fund allowing purchase not just of land for the reserve, but also of camera traps for monitoring the wildlife within the reserve.

    In 2015 the relationship with theWorld Land Trust will continue, with a new project partner in Argentina. The success of the relationship with theWorld Land Trust has inspired us to investigate the potential of a similar partnership focusing on native species and habitats. We have been in discussion with theWildlife Trust during the year and are looking to roll out the partnership to the BIAZA membership during the first half of 2015. At the start of the year BIAZA continued its foc


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