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Tiger by Maria Allen
Panthera tigris
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The Tiger is the largest of the four 'Big Cats' (the other three are the lion, the leopard and the jaguar). An adult tiger can be up to 4 m (13 ft) long, tail included, and weigh up to 300 kg.


The Tiger is a highly adaptable animal and can consequently be found in a wide range of different habitats, such as the Siberian taiga, open grasslands and mangrove swamps.

Threats and Conservation

Because tigers are territorial and largely solitary animals, they need very large areas of suitable habitat in order to satisfy their needs. However, because tigers are endemic to some of the most densely populated places in the world, they often come into conflict with humans. Due to habitat destruction and fragmentation, as well as hunting, three of the nine sub-species of tiger that have existed in modern times have gone extinct. The remaining six sub-species are classified as as Endangered by IUCN.

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