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Southern Right Whale

Southern Right Whale by Lee Dingain
Eubalaena australis
IUCN Red List status: 
Least Concern


Protected by the following WLT projects:

The Southern Right Whale has a rotund body with a large head which makes up one-third of its total body length; it has short wide flippers. Unusual for a baleen whale the Southern Right does not have a dorsal fin or a grooved throat. The Right Whale is so called because it was regarded as the 'right' whale to hunt by whalers, as it is a large, slow moving animal, which floats when it is dead.

Threats and Conservation

Populations of this whale plummeted as a result of servere over-exploitation for over 300 years (between 1600s to the 1930s). Since it was given international protection in 1935, populations have rebuilt but there are still only thought to be between 3-4 thousand individuals surviving today.

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