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Parrot Heliconia

Heliconia psittacorum. Photo by Forest & Kim Starr
Heliconia psittacorum
IUCN Red List status: 
Not Evaluated


The genus Heliconia contains between 100 and 200 species of flowering plants. They are an important food source for rainforest hummingbirds. Some birds even make use of Heliconias for nesting. They are common house plants.

The Parrot Heliconia is a very distinctive flower. It is named for its green-yellow flowers with black spots and red bracts resembling a parrot’s bright plumage.

Threats and Conservation

WLT is actively involved in Atlantic Rainforest conservation in Argentina (Misiones Province), Brazil (REGUA Reserve) and Paraguay (San Rafael). To help save Atlantic Forest habitat, please support these projects.

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