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Muriqui (Woolly Spider Monkeys)

Muriqui monkey by Neil Burchett
IUCN Red List status: 
Critically Endangered


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The Muriqui or Woolly Spider Monkey is the largest New World primate and has recently been divided into two subspecies, the main difference between the two being the presence of a small thumb in the Northern variety. It may eventually be shown that they are separate species.

Endemic to the Atlantic forests of Brazil, Muriquis are found in low lying areas from sea level to around 1,000m. Their long limbs and prehensile tails enable them to be particularly agile amongst the trees.

Threats and Conservation

Muriquis, were once widespread throughout the Atlantic forests, but today only a handful of small populations survive in protected areas. Muriquis are not only threatened by habitat destruction and fragmentation but in the past have also suffered from excessive hunting for food.

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