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Green Sea Turtle


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Class: Reptilia


Family: Cheloniidae

Scientific Name:Chelonia mydas

IUCN Red List status: Endangered

Protected by the following WLT projects:



Species Range (IUCN)


The Green Turtle is distinct from other marine turtle species by having a single pair of scales in front of the eyes and a serrated bottom jaw. They possess an oval shell (carapace), which varies in colour from olive to black with swirls and irregular patterns. The undershell (plastron) is pale yellow or orange in colour.

Threats and Conservation

Green turtles suffer from over-harvesting in many areas around the world for both their meat and eggs. In addition, as with most marine turtle species, green turtles are accidentally caught as bycatch. Another threat to these turtles is the increase in fibrous tumours that can grow on any part of the turtle's body, inhibiting movement and sight and often leading to death.

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