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Bamboos of the Atlantic Rainforest

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Order: Poales


Scientific Name:Chusquea sp.

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The Atlantic Rainforest of Misiones is dominated by bamboo. They are much used by the Guaraní indigenous people, but can, however, become over dominant and hinder the regeneration of other forest species.

Bamboo species include

Chusquea ramosissima, which is commonly called takuapi or “The Beetle’s Knife” by the Guaraní due to the use of its cane as a spike and cutting tool.
Chusquea culeou, commonly named Foxtail Bamboo,dominates the Atlantic Rainforest of Misiones, Argentina.
Chusquea valdiviensis, or climbing bamboo, can reach heights of over 20m. It climbs up trees, draping them with curtains of foliage.

Other species of bamboo within the Atlantic Rainforest include Chusquea tenalla, Guadua trinii and Merostachys clausseni.

Threats and Conservation

WLT is actively involved in Atlantic Rainforest conservation in Argentina (Misiones Province), Brazil (REGUA Reserve) and Paraguay (San Rafael). To help save Atlantic Forest habitat, please support these projects.

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