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Quotes from Previous Interns on the Internship Programme

  • Rebecca Armson

    Jul 2013 - Jan 2014

    A Zoology graduate with a PhD on the transmission of malaria, Becca joined WLT in July 2013. She was keen to complement previous fieldwork and research experience with understandings of conservation programme management. Prior to joining WLT she conducted fieldwork in Indonesia where she became overwhelmingly aware of the threats to forest habitats and the importance of local community support in the success of conservation efforts.

  • Annelies Nieuwenhuis

    Annelies Nieuwenhuis

    Sep 2011 - Mar 2012

    "Nature conservation has always interested me and appeared to be a good field of work as it is intrinsically useful and necessary, as well as scientifically supported. Because my studies have dealt mainly with research, I sought to gain experience in working in an office. The internship has more than matched my expectations. I have experienced working in the different departments of a nature conservation organisation and have been able to ascertain which aspects I like. Skills like critical analysis, time-management, organisation and communication were addressed in every project I was involved in. I acquired new skills in writing, which will not only broaden my job prospects, but will also improve my organisational and analytical skills."

    Where is Annelies now?

    "Since completing my internship with WLT I have graduated with an MSc in Ecology [mostly completed before the internship] and am currently working in Burgers' Zoo [in The Netherlands] whilst applying for jobs within the field of nature policy."

    (Updated: April 2012)

  • Golku Hamedi

    Golku Hamedi

    Sep - Dec 2011

    "During my time at WLT I have gained many administrative skills that will help me with my future career, such as; writing up meeting notes, organizing events and much more…I was involved in all aspects of the Trust's work, from working with the accounts team to help write new stories for the web team and general office and administration work. Working with the WLT has been thoroughly enjoyable and beneficial. All the members of staff are very friendly and welcoming, which made it easy to settle in…It has been fantastic to work with people who are so enthusiastic about their jobs and all of whom are aiming to achieve the same goal."

    Where is Golku now?

    "I have been volunteering on a mobile farm in Berkshire and am about to start volunteering on the water vole project of Wildwood Trust in Kent. I am looking at places to volunteer abroad to gain hands on experience in a conservation project."

    (Updated: April 2012)

  • Sarah Quayle photo

    Sarah Quayle

    Sep 2010 - May 2011

    "My six month internship with WLT gave me the opportunity to gain valuable experience and become involved in the work of an international conservation charity.  During my time with WLT, I was able to carry out a wide range of activities, including; creating educational material for zoos, minute taking at meetings, attending and assisting with WLT events, and assisting with fundraising activities for the Trust.  I was also attended WLT internal and external meetings, which I found very interesting and informative.  The experience I have gained during my internship with WLT has helped develop my understanding of a conservation charity, as well as allowing me to both use, and further develop my organisational and communication skills.  In particular, I have learnt how a conservation charity forms relationships with other like-minded organisations, in order to create a greater conservation impact."

    Where is Sarah now?

    "After completing my internship, I decided that I would really like to go out and get some more conservation experience in the field.  I am planning to go overseas next year to carry out some voluntary conservation work."

    (updated September 2011)

  • Julie MacDonald photo

    Julie MacDonald

    Jan - Jul 2010

    "Through my six months working at the World Land Trust I have been given valuable experience of a large range of activities associated with working for a conservation charity. I have enjoyed working within the WLT office and feel I have benefited a great deal from the internship. It was a great opportunity to learn about all aspects of international conservation project fundraising and administration, and I believe it has given me a good basis for forming a career in conservation."

    Where is Julie now?

    "Following the completion of my internship, I was offered the position of Data Officer for Greenspace Information, for Greater London. This is London’s green space and biodiversity records centre, attached to the London Wildlife Trust. I am in charge of updating the open space information for the whole of Greater London. This involves working with data and liasing with authorities such a Natural England and the Environment Agency. The office experience, skills and networking I leant at WLT are proving useful every day."

    (Updated: August 2010)

  • Charlotte Beckham photo

    Charlotte Beckham

    Jul - Dec 2009

    "The WLT internship really is the perfect opportunity to gain experience not offered to you at University but which you need to gain employment in conservation. I have learnt so much about all aspects of working for a conservation organisation. WLT is the perfect learning environment, with staff keen to help and offer support when needed but also providing you with the opportunity to take responsibility for your own tasks and express your own ideas. I would recommend it to anyone passionate about a career in conservation."

    Where is Charlotte now?

    Conservation Development Assistant
    "After the internship I was lucky enough to be offered a position with the WLT web team where I worked for almost 2 years on online communication. In January 2012 I moved into the programmes team where my role includes assisting programmes staff on all our overseas projects. I also manage the Trusts only project based in the UK and work as the Conservation Assistant to the CEO. I really enjoy working for the WLT where I am still learning and gaining valuable experience in habitat conservation."

    (Updated: April 2012)

  • Claire Thompson photo

    Claire Thompson

    Jul - Dec 2009

    "I thoroughly enjoyed my internship at WLT and feel extremely lucky to have had such a great opportunity. Being a WLT intern is an opportunity to make the most of. Rarely can you feel like you are contributing valuable work to an organisation, without being ultimately responsible for anything. The internship gave me a good insight into working for conservation in the context of an office environment, as opposed to in the field - and confirmed that I wanted to continue on my career path towards conservation project management."

    Where is Claire now?

    Claire continued to work at the World Land Trust, as Conservation Development Assistant for 2 years before being offered a position at BirdLife International as Conservation Programme Support Officer in October 2011.

    (Updated: April 2012)

  • Kristina Turner photo

    Kristina Turner

    Oct 2008 - Mar 2009

    "WLT’s intern programme was a great multi-disciplinary experience which provided me with many additional skills from web to fundraising to project administration; I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to work in the field of conservation. The team is small and friendly, you have excellent support and advice when needed and access to a great network of contacts and opportunities."

    Where is Kristina now?

    Kristina initially went on to become a Projects Development Officer at World Land Trust, working on fundraising, events, project management and a carbon training programme in consultation with IUCN-NL (including an opportunity to travel to both Ghana and Uganda to carry out workshops).

    Following this she went on to work in the communications team as Conservation Communications Manager assisting the Head of Communications with a focus on corporate liaison.

    Kristina left WLT in 2012 and now works as a researcher in wildlife film and television for various production companies such as the BBC NHU and Tigress. "I still maintain a strong interest in conservation and am always interested in conservation related stories. I became an ambassador of the Trust in 2013 and enjoy telling anyone who will listen all about WLT and the great work they do with the partners."

    (Updated: September 2013)

  • Lorienne Parker photo

    Lorienne Whittle (nee Parker)

    Jul 2008 - Jan 2009

    "The WLT internship is a unique opportunity to break the classic cycle for people who have completed their academic studies and perhaps undertaken work in the field, but have little experience of working in an office environment or understanding how a conservation charity works from the inside, both of which I feel are important for gaining employment in this sector. The internship offers the chance to learn and gain experience in the varying aspects of the Trust as well as the projects of our overseas partners. Whilst using your own skills and knowledge you also have the freedom to delve deeper into areas of particular interest. I would recommend it for anyone wanting a career in conservation."

    Where is Lorienne now?

    "When my internship ended I was extremely lucky to continue at WLT, taking on the role of Projects Conservation Officer for South America. Having previously spent some time in this part of the world I have seen first hand the devastation caused by a myriad of man's activities. Helping play such a practical and positive role in conserving these incredible landscapes, home to such diverse and amazing wildlife, was therefore very close to my heart. I felt very well prepared for the various aspects of this position as the internship at WLT covers many different aspects of project management, administration and fundraising."

    (Updated: August 2013)

  • Samantha Ovenden photo

    Samantha Ovenden

    Jun - Nov 2007

    "The WLT internship, was everything I expected and more, it really gave me an insight to working for a conservation charity and all the different aspects involved, I would recommend it to anyone looking to have a career in conservation charity work, and I know I would not have got my job with the RSPB without my experiences with the WLT."

    Where is Sam now?

    "I am a Membership Development Officer (Corporate and Community) with the RSPB: This includes various external and internal (run by RSPB) events across Eastern England to engage with the public about the work of the RSPB, but included in that I go into Schools and work with children of all ages on their bird identification which is great fun! We play games read stories have loads of little activities and get them making their own little bird hides. I also get to go along to various different businesses, councils, universities and community groups and do presentations about the work of the RSPB these can be specific e.g. based on one campaign such as Sumatra, or generic and cover the general work of the RSPB."

    (Updated: May 2010)

  • Rhiannon Crichton photo

    Rhiannon Crichton

    Apr - Aug 2007

    During her undergraduate studies Rhiannon completed a range of international and regional wildlife related work and voluntary placements. Her decision to embark on an internship came from a desire to progress her career in the field of biodiversity conservation management.

    "My time with the World Land Trust has provided me with an invaluable experience in the administration of conservation programmes and the workings of a small, highly effective and well regarded, conservation charity…I have greatly appreciated the attitude taken to interns…I have been able to take part in meetings involving other charities, independent business people, project partners, and even the Charge de Affairs at the Paraguayan Embassy. On top of this I felt that my input into projects, meetings, events and so on was taken on board and any questions I had have been answered thoroughly."

    Where is Rhiannon now?

    Rhiannon is currently completing a PhD in 'Conservation genetics of Melampyrum sylvaticum' at the University of Aberdeen and the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. This research into an endangered UK native plant has a number of practical conservation applications.

    (Updated: April 2012)

  • Jennifer Towill photo

    Jennifer Towill

    Sep 2006 - Mar 2007

    "I found the internship a great opportunity to gain a wide range of experiences which have really helped when going for jobs."

    Where is Jenny now?

    Since the internship Jenny has worked with the RSPB on Lapwing surveys and as a Field Teacher at the Conwy RSPB reserve in North Wales and is currently working as an Access Warden with the Conwy County Council: "I promote and sort out walking routes across Conwy, and work towards getting more people out walking in the countryside."

    (Updated: October 2008)

  • Katharine Parkes

    Katharine Parkes

    Aug 2006 - Feb 2007

    "The internship was fantastic. I learnt so much about working in a small(ish) charity and working with partners. I certainly wouldn't have got my job at the British Dragonfly Society without the experience I gained at the WLT."

    Where is Kat now?

    Conservation Officer at the British Dragonfly Society
    "The job title is not very descriptive - I do so much more than direct conservation, including education, consultancy, fundraising, PR, volunteer liaison, surveying, policy, BAP, etc."

    (Updated: December 2007)

  • William McManus

    William McManus

    May - Oct 2006

    "Working at WLT was a very positive early step into the environmental world.  Working mostly on the Carbon Balanced programme, I gained both valuable experience that convinced me to commit my future to working with the environment and skills that you can only get in a small organisation where you see its whole range of activities."

    Where is Will now?

    Following a period of employment at the World Land Trust, Will completed an MSc in Environmental Technology at Imperial College London. "Since WLT, I have gained more experience of environmental issues working with several different recycling organisations and assisting WWF-UK to overturn the UK Government’s decision to provide financial support to one of the world's largest oil and gas developments.  My MSc focused on the environmental impacts of UK agriculture - the area where I hope my career will develop."

    (Updated: September 2008)

  • Jack Astbury

    Jack Astbury

    Jan - Jul 2006

    "The WLT Internship Programme offers a unique opportunity to young conservationists, supporting other staff members gives you a real insight into the workings of an internationally operating charity. Being given such a broad experience really helps focus on the future direction of your career in conservation."

    Where is Jack now?

    Since completing the internship, Jack volunteered in Ecuador, developed and produced WLT's sister website Wildlife Focus, set up the first wildlife webcam in Ecuador, and became Projects Development Officer at WLT. He is now working in London on community agricultural projects after working on a similar project in Colombia.

    (Updated: April 2012)

  • Katie McGregor

    Katie McGregor

    Nov 2005 - Apr 2006

    "I feel that I have now had a very good insight into the way an international conservation charity functions and have a much better understanding of carbon offsetting projects and their importance to charities such as the WLT. I am particularly keen to emphasise the freedom with which interns are able to work. Furthermore, the WLT office has a vibrant and youthful atmosphere with open discussions and a comfortable, friendly working environment. Everybody’s opinion is valid and contributions to discussions are welcomed."

    Where is Katie now?

    After having completed a MSc in Environmental Technology at Imperial College London (specialising in global environmental change and policy), Katie is now Assistant Environmental Scientist, Jacobs Ltd. "I've no doubt in my mind that without my carbon internship at WLT I would not have been offered the job I am doing now. Before my internship my CV was just a wash of academic achievements and unrelated work it shines!"

    (Updated: January 2008)

  • Jessica Reiss

    Jessica Reiss

    May - Oct 2005

    "The World Land Trust internship is one of a kind, it has allowed me to broaden my knowledge of conservation, develop new skills and also try out different career opportunities within the field. I always knew that I wanted to combine my interest in conservation and nature with a creative role such as film, and have just been employed by the BBC NHU in Bristol as production assistant on Springwatch. I feel that the internship definitely helped to secure the job for me. I would strongly recommend the internship for anyone who wants to get into conservation."

    Where is Jessica now?

    Since completing her internship at WLT Jessica worked at the BBC on Springwatch for 2.5 years and then moved to South Africa to work for wildlife film company Earth Touch. "Now I am living in Durban making wildlife films. Last year I produced a film about the Silky Sifaka and Rosewood logging in Madagascar “Trouble in Lemur Land” which was broadcast on Eden UKTV... I hope in some way this will bring about awareness for the need to preserve Madagascar’s rainforests."

    (Updated: May 2012)

  • Victoria Evans

    Victoria Evans

    May - Sep 2005

    "The WLT internship was a fantastic experience and I believe all the volunteer work I've done, as well as being very enjoyable, is vital if you are going to go into any job within the conservation or ecological industries. "

    Where is Vicky now?

    After leaving the WLT Vicky went back to university to do an MSc in Environmental Science in Manchester. She is now working for an engineering company in the environmental department doing contaminated land work - and as much ecology work as she can lay her hands on: "Ecology is a difficult area to move into but very rewarding. In 2008 I've been involved with the South Lancashire Bat Group, Northwest Lowlands Water Vole Project, Cheshire Wildlife Trust, and Amphibian and Reptile Group of South Lancashire and done various surveys, volunteer days, training workshops and conferences."

    (Updated: October 2008)

  • Andrew Blyth

    Andrew Blyth

    Nov 2004 - May 2005

    "The internship was definitely helpful for my career, it was basically the stepping stone from education into paid employment. I'm glad that I chose the internship over a masters as I have found myself further ahead of the career ladder than those graduates deciding on a masters."

    Where is Andy now?

    Ecologist, RPS Glasgow.
    Since completing his internship, Andrew has worked for the Central Science Laboratory and is now working for RPS Glasgow as an Ecologist.

    (Updated: April 2008)

  • Oliver Blakeman

    Oliver Blakeman

    Sep 2004 - Mar 2005

    "The WLT internship was an excellent opportunity to develop skills in an area that I had a great deal of interest but limited experience. I worked with the WLT for two years, including the 6 month internship, and during that time I had the opportunity to undertake an expedition in Ecuador. I was involved with a very broad range of tasks and given considerable responsibility."

    Where is Ollie now?

    Environmental Projects Director, Eco Positive.
    "Following my work with the WLT I moved on to perform a similar role for Eco Positive, a consultancy and project development company based in London and working primarily throughout Asia and East Africa. The WLT provided me with the skills and understanding required to create and manage a successful project development programme. I view my work with the WLT as ongoing and look forward to opportunities to work alongside the Trust on future projects."

    (Updated: January 2008)

  • Gerald Watts

    Gerald Watts

    Jun - Dec 2004

    "My internship, and subsequent employment, with the World Land Trust was excellent preparation for working in fundraising. I found there was both plenty of scope for involvement and good opportunities to learn. Above all, it was a busy and happy time."

    Where is Gerald now?

    Gerald was employed as Corporate Development Officer following his internship and left the WLT in June 2007 to take up a post as Charity Trust Fundraiser, Animal Health Trust: "The Animal Health Trust is a charity that combines clinical care and scientific research to find new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat injury and illness in cats, dogs and horses. I also sit on two research committees and I represent the Fundraising Department on the Staff Association."

    (Updated: May 2008)

  • Rachel Beesley

    Rachel Beesley

    Jul - Dec 2004

    "The World Land Trust Internship has been a thoroughly worthwhile and enjoyable experience. I have gained invaluable project management experience that would otherwise have been almost impossible to gain at this stage of my career. I have also been given the good oversight of all aspects of running an international conservation charity. By taking an active role in all aspects of the business, I feel I have learnt a lot about what goes into the running of an office and learnt where my own strengths lie."

    Where is Rachel now?

    Transport Research Scientist.
    "I work for the transport research laboratory. I am hoping to move departments soon and start working for the road worker safety group, looking at ways to improve roadworks to make them safer, without reducing traffic flow. I'm a member of the charity committee here too."

    (Updated: April 2008)

  • Emma Flaxman

    Emma Flaxman

    Dec 2003 - Jun 2004

    "I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the World Land Trust, gaining confidence and experience in a variety of skills associated with project management, administration and fundraising as well as fuelling my ambition to become actively involved in the conservation of threatened habitats and wildlife. By completing this internship, I feel encouraged to pursue a career in conservation, and I ultimately hope to work for a similar organisation in the future."

    Where is Emma now?

    "Since leaving WLT I have been travelling and volunteering with conservation NGOs in South America, New Zealand, Australia and Madagascar.  I worked for Africa Alive! in Kessingland for over 3 years as an Education Officer."

    (Updated: April 2012)

  • Molly St. George

    Molly St. George

    Feb - Aug 2003

    "The experiences I have had with WLT have been very enlightening. I had originally planned to do a master’s course straight after my post with the WLT. However, since completing the internship I no longer believe it is necessary as I have gained sufficient knowledge to apply my new found and developed skills with other similar organisations, as it has become the norm for employers to demand work experience rather than further degrees."

    Where is Molly now?

    Landscape Architect, Building Design Partnership
    "Following a fun and enriching year at the WLT I chose to continue my studies in Landscape Architecture and work in London. Work is varied and has included park restoration, schools and even a landscape design for the Alpine House at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew."

    (Updated: April 2008)

  • Caroline Gill

    Caroline Gill (nee Wymer)

    Feb - Aug 2002

    "I really would recommend this intern programme to any graduate wanting a career involved with conservation, the environment and wildlife. It breaks the ‘vicious circle’ of not being able to get a job without any experience. The World Land Trust has provided me with a unique insight into how an international conservation charity works. I have enjoyed working with such a friendly team on challenging projects."

    Where is Caroline now?

    Senior Project Administration Officer for TRAFFIC International.
    "TRAFFIC International is the headquarters of TRAFFIC - the wildlife trade monitoring network which works to ensure that trade in wild plants and animals is not a threat to the conservation of nature. I have been there for over 7 years and I love the varied nature of the proposals and projects."

    (Updated: April 2012)

  • Matt Edwards

    Matt Edwards

    May - Nov 2001

    "I now have a far greater understanding of how an international conservation charity operates and I have gained many skills, enabling me to develop and work on my own projects. My trip to Ecuador was the highlight of my internship, allowing me to gain practical experience. As a result of the experience I have gained with the World Land Trust, I have already had several interviews that I believe I would not have got, otherwise."

  • Kirsty Burgess

    Kirsty Burgess

    Oct 2000 - Apr 2001

    "The WLT Internship programme is a very dynamic and potentially rewarding experience. Under the careful guidance of the WLT staff, I know that an opportunity such as this will provide me with the necessary wealth of experience, contacts and knowledge that is needed to flourish in a field such as conservation management."

    Where is Kirsty now?

    Since completing her internship, Kirsty has continued to work as part of the WLT Projects team, initially starting as Projects Assistant, assisting with the ongoing project activities. After this she became Projects Manager & Head of Training, managing all of the Trust's projects activities as well as the WLT Internship Programme and assisted in the development and running of the Postgraduate Diploma Course in Conservation and Project Administration, jointly run by WLT and University of East Anglia. Kirsty now works as the WLT Conservation Programmes Manager, co-ordinating the Trust's conservation programmes, providing support and liaison for overseas partner organisations, carrying out project site visits, and developing monitoring programmes for international projects.

    "The multi-disciplinary nature of the internship has helped me enormously in developing my position within the Trust, providing the confidence to take on new challenges and roles, as well as handling a full and varied workload."

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