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Carbon Offsetting for Individuals

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  Why offset your emissions?

   It is estimated that an average UK household emits around 4 tonnes of CO₂ each year.


1. Measure - Carbon Balanced personal calculators

The WLT Carbon Balanced calculators enable you to calculate the carbon dioxide emissions associated with your day to day life. Each Calculator below covers a different aspect of your personal carbon footprint.

Flight offsets

Flight Calculator: calculate the carbon dioxide emissions associated with your flights

Transport offsets

Transport Calculator: calculate the carbon dioxide emissions associated with your transport use

Household offsets

Household Calculator: calculate the emissions associated with your domestic electricity and fuel use

Fixed offsets

Fixed Offsets: use our fixed offset options to offset the carbon dioxide emissions of an average UK individual, couple, family or event


How WLT Calculate Your Emissions

To make sure Carbon Balanced calculations are based on the best available science, WLT uses the most recent Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) approved conversion factors.  


2. Reduce

Small lifestyle changes can go a long way towards reducing your carbon footprint. It is WLT’s belief is that carbon offsetting should only be used in conjunction with measures to reduce emissions at source.

Here are some resources offering many ways in which you can reduce your carbon footprint:

Reducing your emissions

  • – The Energy Saving Trust provides free advice on reducing carbon dioxide emissions in your home.
  • – The Centre for Alternative Technology offers a free information service on sustainable living, with links to information sheets.
  •  – Meat free Monday is a campaign to encourage the nation to help slow climate change by reducing their meat consumption by having at least one meat free day a week.

Green Energy




3. Offset

Once you have reduced your lifestyle emissions as much as possible, you can re-calculate your new carbon footprint using our calculators and offset those emissions which cannot be avoided through WLT’s Carbon Balanced forest conservation projects.

Every supporter who donates £15.00 and above has the option of receiving a personalised Carbon Balanced certificate stating the emissions they have offset.

Carbon Balanced offsets are allocated to the most recently developed project, or that under development at the time of your donation, located in one of regions in which we work. These contributions are pooled before being implemented on the ground, meaning the transfer of your donation to the project usually occurs within three months.

To enable us to make best use of donations in addressing urgent threats and opportunities, WLT does not commit to allocating funds to any specific projects in advance. Once allocated, however, WLT can state exactly where and how each offset payment has been used.

To find out more about how WLT’s Carbon Balanced projects are designed, visit our project design page.

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