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Naturaleza y Cultura Peru

NGO founded: 2003
Partnership with WLT formed: 2014

Organisation aim: Naturaleza y Cultura Peru (NCPeru) is part of Naturaleza y Cultura Internacional (NCI). NCI’s aim is to preserve biologically diverse ecosystems, in concert with local people. To achieve this, NCI supports the establishment and management of public, communal and private protected areas.

Partner history

NCI was founded in 1997 and has been working in Peru since 2003. So far NCPeru has protected more than 2.3million acres of threatened Tumbesian dry forest, Amazon rainforest, cloud forest and páramo grasslands by creating private, regional and municipal reserves.

Partnership with WLT

WLT has been working with Naturaleza y Cultura Ecuador since 2010. In July 2013, NCPeru applied to WLT for support to create a community reserve in Piura, northern Peru. NCPeru became a WLT programme partner in 2014.

Páramo landscape, Segunda y Cajas.
Páramo landscape at Segunda y Cajas where WLT is supporting the creation of a Private Conservation Area. © Jorge Novoa Cova.

Projects with WLT

Supporting the recognition of private conservation areas

WLT is currently supporting the recognition of three private conservation areas in community ownership in Piura, north Peru. The conservation areas will protect cloud forest and páramo grassland between Santuario Nacional Tabaconas Namballe in Peru and Parque Nacional de Yacuri in Ecuador.

Other projects and activities

NCPeru staff work to conserve a wide range of natural ecosystems from dry coastal forests to the rich cloud forests of the Andean mountains to the rainforests of the Amazon basin.

Conservation projects are carried out with local communities and strategic partners to protect some of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet.

NCPeru’s conservation strategy includes the following elements:

  • Creating regional, private and communal reserves
  • Developing projects that generate income from the protection of ecosystem services such as water supplies
  • Organising community activities including training and capacity building
  • Developing relationships with research institutions to monitor flora and fauna
Contact details: 

North West Program Coordinator: Alexander More

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