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Fundación Naturaleza para el Futuro (FuNaFu)

Partner founded: 2000
Partnership formed: 2012

Organisation aim: To empower societies to responsibly and sustainably care for nature and culture, for the well-being of humanity.

Partner History

Founded in 2001, FuNaFu was created to respond to the enthusiasm of people who love nature and wish to live alongside it sustainably.

Partnership with WLT

Luis Castelli, Executive Director of FuNaFu, has worked with WLT for many years as a legal representative in Argentina. Luis advised WLT on its first project in Argentina, La Estancia Esperanza, from the beginning but more recently worked with WLT in Misiones Province. WLT identified FuNaFu as a suitable organisation to become programme partner for the Emerald Green Corridor and this partnership became official in 2012.

This video of Luis Castelli, Executive Director of FuNaFu was recorded during WLT’s 25th Anniversary Partners Symposium in May 2014 at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Emerald Green Corridor
The Emerald Green Corridor is protected by a Multicultural Alliance which includes FuNaFu.

Projects with WLT

Emerald Green Corridor, Misiones

In April 2012, a Multicultural Agreement was reached with three Guaraní communities, their neighbours and the government, settling over 16 years of dispute over the future of their shared land in Misiones, in north-eastern Argentina.

The Multicultural Agreement will see 9,301 acres (3,764 hectares) of Atlantic Rainforest designated as a protected nature reserve, the Emerald Green Corridor, managed for conservation by WLT partner organisations Fundación Biodiversidad and FuNaFu.


Other projects and activities

  • Work with local governments and other organisations in the creation and management of protected areas including Peninsular Valdes, Andean Patagonian Forest, Jujuy and Ibera marshlands;
  • Spatial planning in coastal areas such as Patagonia and Rocha department in Uruguay;
  • Ecotoursim planning;
  • Running 11 interpretation centres and museums to educate and raise awareness of the history and biodiversity of Argentina;
  • Developing training courses on nature and cultural heritage, bird watching, handicrafts and product marketing.
Contact details: 

Executive Director: Luis Castelli


O' Higgins 4380, Nuñez
Capital Federal
C.P. 1429
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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