Saving threatened habitats worldwide

Asociación Armonía

NGO founded: 1993
Partnership formed: 2008

Organisation’s aim: To conserve nature, especially endangered bird species and threatened habitats, in partnership with communities and governments.


Partner history

Asociación Armonia has been a BirdLife partner since they were founded and are dedicated to the conservation and study of birds.

Partnership with WLT

WLT was introduced to Armonia through WLT-US and formed a partnership with them in 2008, helping to fund the creation of the Barba Azul Reserve in Bolivia's Beni savanna.

Blue-throated Macaw
WLT supported the first protected reserve for the Blue-throated Macaw. © Joe Tobias.

Projects with WLT

Barba Azul Reserve

WLT supported Armonia with the purchase of the Barba Azul Reserve, the world's first protected area for the Blue-throated Macaw.

Other projects and activities

  • Running conservation programmes to protect species such as Blue-throated Macaw and Red-fronted Macaw;
  • Conserving habitat in the polylepis forest;
  • Organising volunteer programmes focused on research, project management and ornithology;
  • Running the bird centre headquarters that has one of the most extensive collections of research and books on Bolivian ornithology.
Contact details: 

Executive Director: Rodrigo Soria Auza

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