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Project Funding - Applying to World Land Trust

World Land Trust (WLT) actively seeks potential opportunities to support projects focused on protecting threatened biodiversity worldwide. Organisations wishing to submit a project proposal to World Land Trust should be aware that we DO NOT usually accept unsolicited applications. On occasion we may consider project applications, but only those that fulfil all of our criteria, outlined below. Please note that we are usually fully committed to our current projects and we regret that we are unable to respond to unsolicited applications that have been unsuccessful due to the volume of requests that we receive. If you have not heard from us within two months please assume you have been unsuccessful.

Application Guidelines

Before considering applying for support from World Land Trust, please read the guidelines below. If you are interested in seeking support from World Land Trust you can submit a project proposal to:

  • WLT generally supports projects that involve land acquisition for effective protection of biodiversity conservation.
  • WLT always supports conservation work through a local partner.
  • Criteria to become a WLT project partner are:
    1. The organisation should be a legally constituted non-governmental organisation (NGO).
    2. The organisation must be a national or local organisation, based in the country where their projects take place.
    3. In general, project partners should be based in a developing country, as this is where the Trust generally provides support.
    4. The organisation should have wildlife conservation as its primary objective.
    5. The organisation must have experience of managing conservation projects, preferably involving land protection and sustainable management of resources.
    6. The organisation must have similar objectives to the Trust (details of which can be found on the website on the WLT mission page).
  • WLT will consider providing financial and technical support for the initial acquisition of land plus additional activities including protection, biodiversity monitoring, education and outreach, habitat restoration and species reintroduction.
  • An important aspect of WLT projects is the development of activities that provide a sustainable income for projects and therefore, WLT will consider funding the initial stages of such activities.
  • Project proposals should be no more than 2000-3000 words and include brief information on:
    1. Project location
    2. Biodiversity of the area, including particular species which the project aims to protect if relevant
    3. Current status and activities of the project if it is ongoing
    4. Project activities which require support
    5. Overall costs of the project and a breakdown of costs
    6. Additional activities taking place as part of the overall project
    7. Possible options to develop a sustainable income for the project
    8. Organisation or individual requesting support, including details of how it fulfils the criteria outlined above and demonstrating good financial and organisational management

Projects selection criteria

To find information about how project proposals are evaluated please see our project selection criteria.

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