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WLT Risk Assessment

The Trustees have a duty to assess risks arising from hazards in the workplace, particularly those relating to the Health and Safety at Work Act.  In addition, they must consider annually other risks that may affect the Trust’s operations and take appropriate actions. 

The CEO has reviewed issues for which the Trustees are probably liable and believes the Trust has taken appropriate steps to minimise the risks involved.

In February 2011 the Trustees approved the annual review of the WLT risk assessment, carried out according to advice issued by the Charities Commission under the following categories of risk:

External Factors

  • Impact of foreign governmental action on activities/projects
  • public perception

Financial Risk arising from:

  • Commercial activities
  • Financial management
  • Fraud & dishonesty

Governance and Management, including:

  • Compliance
  • Professional and executive liabilities
  • Make-up of Board of Trustees
  • Trustees knowledge of their legal responsibilities
  • Conflicts of interest

Operation Risks, concerning

  • Capacity
  • Contracts/safeguarding of intellectual property:
  • Employment responsibilities
  • IT security
  • Liability as landlord
  • Liability towards employees, volunteers and other collaborators
  • Public liability
  • Security of assets
  • Staff retention/succession

Special Risks

  • Miscellaneous risks relating to WLT operations

More Information

If you are a business wishing to work with us, we would be happy to share full details of our risk assessment with you.  For further information please visit our Contacts page.

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