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Quality Management (Carbon Offset and Tree Planting Programmes)

In its trading activities, WLT is committed to providing high quality, scientifically robust and transparent carbon offset and tree planting programmes for corporate supporters.

We are committed to ensuring quality in all aspects of our service delivery, including:

  • Website – We accurately describe the services we provide on our site, and encourage visitors to contact us to ask any questions that they feel are unanswered
  • Carbon Auditing – Our carbon audits are based on the most recent Defra* conversion factors and advice
  • Communication – In all communication and contracting with individuals and companies, we strive to provide clear information, and to promote understanding between parties
  • Invoicing – We endeavour to ensure that all invoicing procedures are accurate, and that we charge only for services agreed upon beforehand
  • Delivery – All Carbon Balanced projects are designed according to the principles of the Climate, Community and Biodiversity (CCB) Standard for voluntary carbon offsetting project design, although for reasons explained in our FAQs, are not subject to validation. Validated REDD+ projects are designed and submitted for validation under the CCB Standard. Methodologies for carbon sequestration approved under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) are used in the design of emissions offsetting elements of WLT carbon sequestration projects
  • Monitoring – All carbon offset and tree planting programmes for corporate supporters are subject to long-term monitoring to ensure that services are being provided as promised

* Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

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