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World Land Trust gallery

The World Land Trust gallery in Halesworth, Suffolk is a commercial space exhibiting wildlife and landscape art. It attracts contemporary artists, while offering a wide range of decorative and highly collectable original art and prints, as well as a selection of books and greetings cards.

World Land Trust (WLT) is an international conservation organisation, founded in 1989, whose patrons are Sir David AttenboroughDavid Gower and Chris Packham. WLT protects some of the Earth's most biologically important habitats, working through partners across the world. The aim of the gallery is to raise funds to support WLT's conservation projects, saving some of the most threatened habitats and wildlife on the planet.

What you will see in the gallery

Since its inaugural exhibition, the gallery has showcased the work of renowned local, national and international artists. It has presented a varied programme of exhibitions, featuring a wide range of art - from pencil drawings and watercolours, to original prints and sculptures. A highly successful Children's Art competition, run in collaboration with local Suffolk schools and home educators, inspired the children's passion for the natural world, while raising awareness locally about WLT's conservation work.

Discover more about our previous exhibitions or find out details of our current exhibition and forthcoming programme.

Examples of Bruce Pearson's Illustrations in "Rare Mammals of the World"

In addition to mounting a changing programme of exhibitions, the gallery also offers a range of original works and reproductions from its own stock, as well as selection of wildlife art books and cards.

How the gallery supports conservation

All profits from the gallery will go to WLT to help support our conservation projects across the world. While the aim is to provide a commercial space for artists to sell their work, with the commission coming to WLT, some artists have generously donated their artwork so that WLT will receive the full sale price of the piece.

If you feel your work might be suitable for the World Land Trust gallery or would like to donate a piece to be exhibited, please contact the manager, Jenny Chattington.

The gallery is currently looking for volunteers to assist in the day-to-day running. Find out more about becoming a gallery volunteer.

Contact the Gallery

Email: gallery@worldlandtrust.org
Tel: 01986 874422

Gallery opening hours

Mon-Fri 10am-4pm  |  Sat closed  |  Sun closed

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