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Organisation’s aim: To preserve natural heritage and biodiversity through the protection, improvement and restoration of natural ecosystems, and raising awareness about biodiversity. Acciónatura is a conservation organisation based in Barcelona, Spain. They support biodiversity conservation and restoration projects through land purchase and protection in Spain and overseas.


Partner History

Acciónatura was initiated in 1994, when Kenty Richardson (President of the Foundation between 1997 and 2005) and Director Francesc Giro recognised the need for an organisation that focused on conservation, restoration and the creation of private nature reserves. The organisation was founded in 1997 when it started to involve the general public and businesses in biodiversity protection.


Partnership with WLT

World Land Trust (WLT) and Acciónatura had seen the potential in collaboration for a number of years. After reciprocal visits to both offices, the value of collaboration was recognised and it was agreed that both organisations would create a formal partnership in order to strengthen the relationship.

Land Cover Nature Balance Programme

A joint project that sees Acciónatura give Spanish companies the opportunity to compensate for the area of ground their business occupies, through supporting the purchase and protection of threatened wildlife habitats.The Land Cover Nature Balance Programme will fund land purchase at the Cañon del Fresno reserve in Mexico.


Other projects and activities

  • Management plans for marine and forest projects;
  • Restoration: of various sites across Spain, including native forests, rivers, wetlands and steppes, in collaboration with local communities;
  • CeroCo2: a joint initiative between two NGOs, Acciónatura and Ecologia y Desarrollo, enabling individuals and organisations to voluntarily compensate for their inevitable greenhouse gas emission through supporting land purchase projects;
  • A number of campaigns and outreach activities, such as Cuiners Per La Natura (a campaign promoting the need to protect Catalan biodiversity in relation to its links with gastronomy) and Agentes por la Biodiversidad (online educational resource for schools relating to biodiversity protection and climate change).

Contact Details

Director: Francesc Giro

Duquessa d’Orleans
6, Baixos – 08034 Barcelona