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Can you imagine running 6,500 miles through the largest rain forest on earth, the longest mountain range, from the Southern Ocean and finally into the Caribbean Sea of Venezuela? Katharine & David Lowrie did just that, pulling all of their gear with them and without a support team. Katharine and David wanted to connect people with these incredible far-away habitats, and their importance to wildlife, local people and our planet; to remind us of their fragility and beauty.

 Over the last few years, Katharine has spoken to thousands of people about their extraordinary journey and the wildlife that she and David are trying to protect. Now she is teaming up with farmer-environmentalists Andy Bragg and Audrey Compton to bring you a really ‘down to earth’ evening at Exeter’s Phoenix, inspiring you all to help Run the Planet without costing the earth!

On 29 January 2020, join them and their host, Kevin Cox, RSPB chair and Dartmoor conservationist, from 7.30pm till 10pm to talk about how we can continue to sustain and protect these incredible habitats. Tickets are £5 and available here.

Katharine is an RSPB ecologist who has worked for years with south-west farmers who have made room for wildlife on their farms. Of their run, Katharine says, “The run was 6,504 miles for wilderness and wildlife – a world first- through 5 countries: starting in the most southerly tip- Cabo Froward, Chile, through Argentina (Criss-crossing the Andes) through Bolivia, Brazil and finally Venezuela and the Caribbean Sea. We Started on the first day of the Olympics July 2012, ending in October 2013 15 months later. We averaged 20 miles a day. We took it in turn pulling out trailer- 5 miles before swapping. 1/3 barefoot or in barefoot shoes.”

Their mission was to conserve and connect people to the incredible wildlife and wilderness of the continent. During those 18 months, they spoke to over 2500 people in schools, universities and interest groups about wildlife and running. This amazing feat raised over $10,000 for wildlife charities, including World Land Trust partner, Asociación Armonía.

Signed and Dedicated copies of Katharine’s books, ‘Running South America with my Husband and other Animals’ will be available (£19.99) and her children’s book, ‘Cyril’s Big Adventure; A Real Nature Story with a Happy Ending’ (£6.99) will be available at the event, or you can order here.

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