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Message to World Land Trust (WLT) from: Fundación Guanacas Bosques de Niebla (Guanacas Foundation)

“In consideration of all the support, trust and guidance that you have kindly provided, we want to share with you the joy of a new triumph for the Guanacas Foundation.

On Monday, November 25th, the city of Medellín, through the municipal council, granted us its highest distinction, in the ecological and civic merit category “Orquidea de Oro Council of Medellín” [Gold Medal]!”

WLT congratulates Guanacas Foundation on this award which recognises the significant role they play in the care and preservation of their environment and natural resources. 

Fundacion Guanacas Bosques de Niebla was established 29 years ago to restore, conserve and expand forests in the foothills of the mountains at Cerro San Jose – a mountain range in the Colombian Andes in the municipality of Santa Rosa de Osos in the department of Antioquia. The Guanacas Reserve was subsequently created and over the years has grown to protect sections of the Guanacas mountain range, including pristine cloud forest. These cloud forests which are a result of the altitude, humidity and temperature protect an outstanding biodiversity and considered to be a global hotspot. The forests are particularly noted for providing a stronghold for three cat species including the puma, Oncilla and Ocelot. However, the region is threatened by high rates of deforestation due to agricultural and livestock practices, population growth and poaching as well as climate change.

A feline corridor

WLT is supporting Guanacas to extend and link their 2,224 acre (900 hectare) reserve to neighbouring protected areas and help create a corridor for wild cats to move safely between the foothill forests and the tropical mountain cloud forest.

Oncilla (Leopardus tigrinus)

The Oncilla (Leopardus tigrinus), also known as the Northern Tiger Cat, Little Spotted Cat, and Tigrillo, is one of the species that will benefit from protection in Colombia. This small spotted cat has a scattered range from Central America to central Brazil but is threatened by loss of habitat, mainly for agriculture and grazing. It is listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List. “Profile of the walking oncilla” by Tambako The Jaguar is licensed under CC BY ND 2.0

“For us, it is of great importance that our society and local communities here in Colombia, recognize and value the work that we do daily, because through it we can continue educating and raising awareness, in this world priority issue”, said Maria Alejandra Moreno Vasquez of Team Guanacas

“It is the  community that puts forward the nominees, explains Maria, which means that we have left a mark not only in the rural community that is closer to us, but also in the urban community in our educational and environmental work. It gives us more reasons to continue working!

For the Guanacas Foundation, the support we have received from WLT is fundamental to have obtained this award, we share with them this recognition because we acknowledge their interest and support to our process. Thanks to the funds granted by WLT, we can expand the conservation area and develop an environmental education project that will benefit the local community and wildlife.

With pride and gratitude for this recognition at the Guanacas Foundation we will continue to work with passion and commitment to protect wildlife and restore natural harmony for the benefit of human relationships with nature.

How to Support?

You can contribute to the work of Fundación Guanacas by supporting the WLT Action Fund. Your donation will help us provide resources for tackling urgent conservation challenges, protecting crucial habitats and saving species.

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