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After a tremendous effort from World Land Trust (WLT) supporters, £575,000 has now been raised for the Scorched Earth to Forest Haven Vietnam appeal.

Getting off to a flying start during October’s Big Match Fortnight there has followed a magnificent surge of donations from supporters far and wide. Thank you.

ACTION UNDERWAY: What your donation means to the wildlife of Vietnam

WLT Partner organisation, Viet Nature needs to clear this grass before tree planting can take place. Image: Viet Nature

At first glance this may look like a natural hillside but in fact it is covered with invasive African grass which colonised the landscape after the devastation caused by Agent Orange 50 years ago. WLT Partner organisation, Viet Nature needs to clear this grass before tree planting can take place. Image: Viet Nature

The wildlife of Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve in north central Vietnam can look forward to additional habitat thanks to the tree planting taking place thanks to your support for this project.

Already 18,000 trees have been planted and a further 40,000 seedlings are in the process of being planted. The project will ultimately see 120,000 trees being planted across 74 acres in Huong Lap and 172 acres in Huong Linh as a first step towards Viet Nature’s aim of restoring 3,500 acres of land in Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve.

The Annamite lowland forests of Bac Huong Hoa © Mark Stanley Price

The Annamite lowland forests of Bac Huong Hoa. Saving and restoring forest to the region is a global conservation priority. Much of the surviving forest is fragmented and funds raised through this appeal will help restore connectivity. © Mark Stanley Price

Giving wildlife a wider horizon

Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve is a mecca for wildlife, protecting habitat for the Critically Endangered Sunda Pangolin (below) and many other endangered species including the Pygmy Slow Loris (above).

Sunda Pangolin © Eddie A/Hutan

The Critically Endangered Sunda Pangolin is assured will have a wider territory thanks to the forests that are being restored. © Eddie A/Hutan

Thank you from WLT’s CEO

Thank you to everyone who has supported this important project which not only restores forests that have been lost in the region but also helps recreate a healthy environment that local people can depend on for fresh water and clean air. Helping reestablish these forests will stabilise soils and lock away carbon, playing an important role in tackling the climate crisis. Thank you again for your generous support which seen this project so successfully.” Dr Jonathan Barnard.

If you’d like to support similar projects, you can contribute to our Plant a Tree programme and help restore forest habitats around the world with WLT.

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