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A family of Red-shanked Doucs

World Land Trust (WLT) would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has donated to our latest appeal, Scorched Earth to Forest Haven. Together, an incredible £415,000 has been raised so far for this major reforestation project in Vietnam.

WLT launched the autumn appeal at the beginning of October with Big Match Fund Fortnight, aiming to raise £575,000 for local partner, Viet Nature, who will plant 120,000 trees in Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve. Between 3 – 17 October, the generous donations from individual supporters were doubled by match funding from corporate and charitable supporters. With 72 per cent of our target achieved, Viet Nature will soon begin to clear the tall, rampant grasses that invaded the hillsides in the region, ready to replant with the carefully chosen 12 native species that thrived during the successful pilot project.

A tree today, a forest tomorrow

Natural climate solutions have been big news this year. Tree planting is at the forefront of ways to take positive climate action to mitigate the environmental effects of the climate crisis. Growing trees begin to absorb carbon dioxide, once again locking it away, in what is known as a carbon sink. Deforestation is responsible for 20 per cent of Earth’s greenhouse gases; research from this year says that reforestation can turn that around by stabilising rising temperatures. Every growing sapling you’ve funded will begin to sequester carbon as it grows – this is a lifetime of conservation action, from the moment the seed is planted.

Imagine the hills in 100 years, supporting the swaying tree canopy that has created a forest; a rediscovered habitat for many of Vietnam’s displaced and threatened species. Sunda Pangolins exploring the trees with their long tongues as they search for food. Red-shanked Doucs high – and safe – in the tree canopy. And people with access to cleaner water, air and food. Through your generosity, reforestation can encourage a mosaic of environment, habitat and species to exist, and provide, just as nature intended.

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There’s still a little way to go before we reach our target and Viet Nature can restore these precious 246 acres of lost tropical forest. To help us plant more trees in Vietnam, why not take a look at our fundraisers page for some fundraising inspiration, or donate below.



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