New York film premiere for World Land Trust produced short film ‘Protecting the Heart of Mexico’ SEARCH NEWS


A collaboration between award-winning filmmakers Kristin Gates, Jeremy Là Zelle and Claire Whittenbury, the short film will debut during Climate Week 2019 in New York City.

In celebration of World Land Trust’s 30 years of conservation success, the film offers the opportunity to experience one of our reserves like never before, exploring the WLT funded Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve. Owned and managed by WLT partner, Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda (GESG), the film follows the story of a mother and son who, through shared hope and determination, have protected over 946,000 acres, conserving 15 different habitats including evergreen and deciduous tropical forest, shrubs and cacti, oak, pine and cloud forests.

Protecting The Heart of Mexico [Official Trailer] from Jeremy Là Zelle on Vimeo.

Where you can watch the film

Protecting the Heart of Mexico has been selected for a number of events throughout Nature’s Climate Hub in New York, which is running alongside UN Climate Action Summit and Climate Week, from 22 to 25 September.  With over 130 events in their programme, Nature’s Climate Hub will buzz with lively discussions, interactive sessions, and innovative creative presentations.

The film’s debut will be the opening event of Nature’s Climate Hub’s ‘Forest and Restoration Day’ on Sunday September 22. Following the screening, speakers Dan Bradbury, WLT’s Director of Communication and Development and “Pati” Martha Ruiz Corzo, Director of GESG, will reflect on both organisation’s history, and discuss the environmental issues facing Sierra Gorda, and WLT’s conservation initiatives.

There are further opportunities to see the film on Monday 23 September at The Explorer’s Club (event page link) and on Wednesday 25 September at Central Park Zoo (event link). Following the final screening, Dan will chair a panel discussion ‘Tropicalizing Kyoto – The Grounding of Global Protocols to the Local Level’ featuring “Pati” Martha Ruiz Corzo, Director of GESG, Dr. Martin Frick, Senior Director Policy and Programme Coordination at UNFCCC, and Martha Delgado Peralta, Undersecretary of Multilateral Affairs & Human Rights, at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Mexico.

See full details of all events here

About the filmmakers

Kristin and Jeremy are expedition filmmakers who visited Sierra Gorda in 2019. Kristen is known for her 1,000-mile solo trek across Alaska’s Brooks Range, while Jeremy has created films for National Geographic, History and Animal Planet. Their film The Sacred Place Where Life Begins has received many awards since its January release. Both are avid visual storytellers, specialising in documentary films that align environmental and human concerns, making a collaboration with WLT a perfect fit.

Kristin & Jeremy

Following a long career in the television industry, Claire began working with World Land Trust on a freelance basis in March 2014, producing videos to support the Communications & Development team. Claire’s support and expertise has been invaluable and has helped World Land Trust to greatly improve its digital media offering, which has in turn had a positive impact on what we are trying to achieve as an organisation. Claire has a passion for short film and has recently co-founded the The Suffolk Short Film Festival which is a new festival launching in Ipswich in 2020

Claire Whittenbury, co-founder of Suffolk Shorts

Protecting the Heart of Mexico will have its UK premiere and general release in October.

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