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Jose Acaro, one of our Keepers of the Wild at Laipuna Reserve, Ecuador, has been training in firefighting methods to use when faced with forest fire.

As the Amazon burns, public outcry has been loud, not only because it is a tragedy, but because no one has been quite sure what to do to stop it. For the average person, using your voice to demand action and supporting charities like WLT is one of the most tangible ways to protect habitats from falling victim to the same fate.

How land protection can combat forest fire

Protection comes in many forms, including ownership, conservation and research, and the everyday frontline, which is why Keepers of the Wild is such an important programme for WLT. Over the past twelve months, we have had reports of forest fires from reserves in Paraguay, Armenia, Mexico and Bolivia In the face of those fires, the rangers are leading teams, ensuring that they are tackled swiftly and successfully.

Government-led training in Ecuador

Since 2017, Jose has undergone forest fire specific firefighter training with members of his community, other local communities, and rangers from neighbouring reserves, learning together how to combat and control forest fires in the region. The training programme, run by the Environmental Ministry of Ecuador, provides education and development that enables communities to act quickly, limiting the damage that the flames can cause.

Laipuna Reserve is owned and managed by WLT partner Naturaleza y Cultura Ecuador (NCEcuador). WLT helped fund the expansion of the reserve in 2015. By empowering rangers and locals to safely and efficiently fight forest fires, they are able to protect the wildlife and habitat at NCEcuador’s reserves, from the many threats they face.

Forest fires pose an enormous threat to wildlife and biodiversity, and fighting them is difficult. You can support our rangers in their essential work by contributing to our Keepers of the Wild appeal:


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