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Recent reports from World Land Trust’s partners have highlighted the important work that they undertake within their communities.
WLT believes in carrying out projects in partnership with local organisations. They are experts in land conservation in their respective countries and through their ownership, the responsibility of the protection of the reserve and its wildlife remains with those best placed to care for it. This also allows our partners to run outreach programmes, which create employment opportunities and sustainable development for communities that live within, or near the reserves. Outreach often falls into the varied job description of Keepers of the Wild who, as local residents, enjoy a great rapport with the local communities.

New Water Well for Boca de Barbacoas

Fundación Biodiversa Colombia (FBC) have begun a project to install a new water well in the fishing community of Boca de Barbacoas. Once completed, the community will have access to clean water for the first time. Alongside the new well, FBC have also supported the community to create vegetable gardens in their homes, providing them with healthy and organic vegetables for the families.

Nature Kenya Implement Improvements for Local Community Groups

Nature Kenya’s site support group have increased income generating activities for local community groups. These activities include bee keeping, climate smart agriculture and tree seedling production. Not only do these projects create food, but they also offer opportunities to sell produce and support replanting at the reserves. For instance this year Chakiloli, a site support group, have harvested and sold honey and tomatoes, and raised seedlings, which once matured will be planted in degraded areas of Msidunyi Forest.

Rangers at Guyra, Paraguay shared educational talk with local school

Rangers Carolina, Jose, and Lourdes presented an educational talk about Los Tres Gigantes station in collaboration with the local NGO Eco Pantanal. The talk covered the importance of natural resources and protected areas. Since then, Eco Pantanal have reopened the Eco Club Pantanal, a youth group that provides young people with natural resource training. Guyra are also supporting this, as the relaunch included a youth camp promoted by Guyra’s rangers.

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