WLT News: It’s a (potato starch) wrap! SEARCH NEWS

We hope you’re enjoying the latest issue of WLT News which you should have received last week. Inside you’ll find exciting news on our latest Buy an Acre appeals to protect Kenya’s Dakatcha Woodland and the Jungle for Jaguars corridor in Belize – all thanks to your generous support.

What slipped our mind, however, was what was on the outside of the newsletter! We should have mentioned that this is the first issue of WLT News to be mailed in 100% compostable bags. A biodegradable alternative to polythene and plastic, they are made using potato starch.

Instead of placing the bag in your plastics recycling bin, we suggest one of these eco-friendly ways of disposing of it:

  1. Line your kitchen food waste caddy with the bag
  2. Toss it in your garden waste bin
  3. Add it to your compost heap

The natural, biodegrading process starts after the bag comes into contact with micro-organisms and it should take around 10-12 weeks for it to fully, and harmlessly, compost.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. In the meantime, happy reading (and composting)!

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