The Amazon rainforest is on fire – here’s what you can do to help SEARCH NEWS

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Fires in the Amazon rainforest have been burning for nearly a month. There has been an unprecedented rise in forest fires worldwide in 2019, including current reports from our partners in Paraguay and Bolivia. We can feel powerless in the face of this devastation, but World Land Trust (WLT) projects have a powerful impact. Critically threatened forests and their wildlife are safe in the hands of local conservation partners. While firefighters battle with the flames in the Amazon, you can stop this from happening elsewhere in the future by supporting WLT’s work.

The situation in the Amazon is tense and politically charged, and while the forests burn arguments escalate between environmentalists, politicians, mining leaders and agribusiness. With climate change at the top of the agenda concerned people across the world are joining together to demand action. WLT works with its overseas conservation partners to purchase and protect critically threatened forests across the world –all of them vital to locking up carbon and playing their role as the lungs of the earth.

Wildfires in tropical forests do occur in the dry season and WLT works with its partners on fire prevention techniques and training. In areas where WLT has funded the land purchase and created reserves our partners can act rapidly before the situation escalates.

A donation to World Land Trust ensures the long-term protection of remaining tropical forests (some in the Amazon Basin) which support local people and communities. WLT is also funding major tree planting and forest restoration initiatives which are seeing forests rejuvenated, rather than shrinking.

Make a donation now and help WLT mitigate forest fires and climate change.


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