The Body Shop wins sustainability award for Bio-Bridges mission SEARCH NEWS

The Body Shop bio-bridges window display.

The Body Shop has won a Prix d’Excellence Beauty award from Marie Claire in the sustainability category for the World Bio-Bridges Mission.

The Body Shop’s World Bio-Bridges Mission is committed to protecting and restoring connectivity of natural habitat to ensure wildlife freedom of movement within a wild landscape. Bio-Bridges are corridors of protected wild habitat that allow animals to pass safely between deforested and developed regions to reach large protected areas. These tracts of habitat are vital for wild populations to remain connected in fragmented landscapes.

By supporting a number of carefully chosen conservation projects, The Body Shop aims to enrich biodiversity around the world by protecting and regenerating 75 million square metres of habitat and building 10 bio-bridges by 2020.

Bio-bridges with WLT

One of their first Bio-Bridge projects was with World Land Trust (WLT) and our partner Viet Nature, protecting tropical forests for threatened Vietnamese species such as the Red-shanked Douc. This endearing primate featured in their campaign called ‘Find Reggie Love’ where each purchase in participating stores protected one square metre of forest.

The Body Shop have also supported WLT’s joint project with Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) to restore and conserve Bio-Bridges between protected areas in the Garo Hills of India. Garo Hills holds incredible biodiversity, and these corridors of wild land will be used by the Endangered Indian Elephant and Western Hoolock Gibbon and a wealth of other wildlife, great and small, to move safely between larger protected areas.

For Christmas 2018, The Body Shop launched a campaign called ‘Trees are for life, not just for Christmas’ and every purchase in the lead-up to Christmas contributed towards protecting and re-wilding over 10 million square metres of forest in Armenia (with WLT) and England (with the Woodland Trust).

“The Body Shop have shown their commitment to nature conservation through a number of creative campaigns as part of their World Bio-Bridges Mission, and this sustainability award is very well-deserved,” says Dan Bradbury, Director of Communications and Development at WLT.


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