£600,000 raised to save 8,154 acres of Jungle for Jaguars SEARCH NEWS

Jaguar in Belize © CSFI

World Land Trust (WLT) is pleased to announce that the £600,000 target to save 8,154 acres of Jungle for Jaguars in Belize has been reached.

WLT’s Patron Steve Backshall announced that the target had been reached at One Wild Night, the event held at the Royal Geographical Society on December 14, which was raising funds for the final amount through ticket sales and donations on the night.

The funds raised will be sent to WLT’s Belizean partner, the Corozal Sustainable Future Initiative (CSFI), to purchase and protect a vital piece of the wildlife corridor connecting three protected areas already managed by CSFI in northern Belize. This corridor is a crucial habitat for Jaguars and many other species, and is known to sustain a population of at least 22 jaguars identified by CSFI’s trail cameras.

Next steps

WLT’s Director of Conservation, Richard Cuthbert, thanks everyone who supported the appeal, saying “Ensuring this corridor remains connected for Belize’s wildlife such as jaguars, tapirs, monkeys, toucans, ocelots, and eagles, has been a dream that has taken many years to realise, and by fundraising for this crucial piece of the corridor our supporters have helped this become a reality- thank you.”

Map of North Eastern Biological Corridor for jaguars in Belize

Map of North Eastern Biological Corridor for jaguars in Belize, showing the secured 8,154 acres and additional piece to be purchased.

“Fundraising for land purchase in this corridor is a group effort between WLT, CSFI and the International Tropical Conservation Fund (ITCF) , and as we have reached our Jungle for Jaguars target ahead of schedule, we have signed on to continue fundraising for another vital piece of the corridor where a £100 donation can save one acre of habitat, thanks to a government subsidy.

“As well as buying this land, CSFI’s staff and rangers are key for protecting the corridor and the wildlife it contains, and are working day and night to break up illegal logging camps and prevent illegal hunting. I have seen first-hand the incredible job they do in the field and the intact forest areas and number of jaguars in the region demonstrates their success in this.”

More information

Although we have reached the initial target of £600,000 for our partner to secure the 8,154 acres, we are continuing to fundraise for the additional property within the corridor highlighted in the map above, where each £100 donation will save one acre. On the banks of Shipstern Lagoon, this piece of the corridor is vital for the connectivity on the eastern side of the corridor.

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