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Roberto Pedraza Ruiz, an award-winning wildlife photographer from Sierra Gorda, Mexico

Wildlife photographer and conservationist Roberto Pedraza Ruiz has opened an exhibition with World Land Trust entitled Discovering the secrets of Sierra Gorda, Mexico.

The exhibition, running 13-17 August 2018 at The Forum in Norwich, showcases stunning photography from Roberto’s home in the rich mountainous landscape of Sierra Gorda in central Mexico from portraits of tiny hummingbirds and beautiful oaks to forest scenes which could have appeared from the pages of a children’s book.

Roberto’s story is more than that of just a photographer. He grew up in Sierra Gorda, and as well as spending much of his time photographing the landscape, trees and animals he finds there, in his job as Head of the Land Conservation programme with the grassroots organisation Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda (GESG) he is responsible for creating reserves to protect these incredible wildlife habitats.

Discovering the secrets of Sierra Gorda, a photography exhibition in The Forum, Norwich

Discovering the secrets of Sierra Gorda, a photography exhibition in The Forum, Norwich © World Land Trust

Photography of wildlife, for wildlife

His photography exhibition in Norwich, celebrates the beauty of Sierra Gorda whilst supporting its conservation for wildlife. GESG has been partnered with Suffolk-based wildlife conservation charity World Land Trust for more than ten years, and together they have protected more than 10,000 acres of its precious habitat.

World Land Trust is currently fundraising for an important land purchase of wildlife habitat in Sierra Gorda through the Saving Mexico’s Ancient Forests appeal, where a donation of £100 can put one acre under conservation protection. Visitors will be able to find out about the appeal through the free exhibition and online at World Land Trust’s website and donations will be accepted through both.

Roberto says, “I have seen and photographed a lot of Mexico. Our country used to be magnificent and opulent, described as one of the top ten mega-diverse countries in the world. Sadly, the human footprint has had a severe impact on its ecosystems, and the human population continues to increase. Our demand for space, for living and food, means that wildlife is more cornered every day and their numbers are dwindling.

“But, despite the human pressure, some areas of Sierra Gorda are still real wilderness, where jaguars roam and military macaws fly free. My job as a photographer is to capture these wild moments, and my job as a conservationist is to protect their wilderness as far as I can.”

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The ancient forests of Sierra Gorda are under threat of being cleared and destroyed by manmade fires. World Land Trust has the opportunity to purchase and protect an area of 578 acres in Sierra Gorda, for £100 an acre, and we need your support to make sure this forest can be saved for vulnerable wildlife.




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