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Ancient oak in Mexico

A total of 578 acres of beautiful cloud forest in the heart of Mexico can now be purchased and protected by World Land Trust’s partner, Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda (GESG), thanks to donors to the Saving Mexico’s Ancient Forests appeal.

Without protection, these forests are threatened by deforestation and man-made fires which destroy hundreds of years of growth and the wild home of many species of Mexican wildlife.

But thanks to our supporters, another important piece of this forest can be saved and placed under protection to ensure its future for wildlife.

Dr Richard Cuthbert, Director of Conservation at World Land Trust, thanks supporters for donating to this important appeal, “The 578 acres which our partner GESG will now purchase will extend the network of protected areas in this highly important habitat, building on World Land Trust’s previous support to Mexico and the site level protection provided by GESG’s dedicated staff. Thank you to everyone who supported this appeal, your generosity will ensure that these acres remain safe and wild for many years to come.”

Forest fire, Mexico

The forests of Sierra Gorda are vulnerable to man-made fires without protection. © Roberto Pedraza Ruiz

Wildlife photography

A photography exhibition featuring photos by Roberto Pedraza Ruiz taken in these ancient forests helped to raise awareness of the threats facing this beautiful habitat and the threatened wildlife within.

Roberto Pedraza Ruiz, Head of the Land Conservation programme at GESG, says “This habitat is exactly what Mexico’s Pumas and Jaguars need to thrive. It is currently unbroken temperate and cloud forest, and as we purchase more land in this area, we are closing the gaps of unprotected areas and ensuring connectivity for wildlife between our reserves.”

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The land will now be protected by GESG’s wildlife rangers, two of whom are funded by World Land Trust’s Keepers of the Wild programme. This programme ensures that land is defended from ongoing threats once it has been purchased by our partners.

Further land purchases of Sierra Gorda’s ancient forests will be made through donations to World Land Trust’s Buy an Acre programme, as more land becomes available.

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