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Sumaco volcano

Update 12/06/2018: The Amazonian Andes appeal is now complete! The funds sent to our local partner, Fundación Jocotoco, have already been used to purchase two available areas, one of 175 acres reported below, and an additional extension brings the current total to 263 acres.  

Thanks to donations to World Land Trust’s (WLT) urgent Amazonian Andes appeal, the first land purchase of 175 acres to extend Narupa Reserve towards the Antisana Ecological Reserve and Sumaco Galeras National Park has been made.

This land will go under the protection of WLT’s Ecuadorian partner Fundación Jocotoco, who manage Narupa and ten other reserves in Ecuador.

The appeal has now raised 75 per cent of the £165,000 target that aims to place 400 acres of this tropical forest, one of the richest habitats on Earth, under permanent protection.

Tropical forests, Narupa Reserve, Ecuador © Fundacion Jocotoco

Funds needed urgently to prevent road construction

Charlotte Beckham, Conservation Programmes Manager at WLT, says “These land purchases are vital to protect vulnerable forest from the construction of a road that would have severe consequences for the incredible wildlife in this region.

“We are very grateful to every supporter who has made this first land purchase possible in such a short period of time, and hope to reach the target soon so we can ensure the future protection of this habitat and its threatened species.”

Michaël Moens, Conservation Director at Fundación Jocotoco, adds “Timing is very important for these land purchases, and we would like to thank the people who have donated and fundraised for the Amazonian Andes to help save this forest, which is home to threatened species such as the Lowland Tapir, Puyo Giant Glass Frog, Military Macaw and Black-and-chestnut Eagle.

“The local government have agreed with us that if this land, which is not very suitable for agriculture, is designated for conservation by land purchases extending Narupa Reserve, like this one, then the road will not be necessary and the plans will be cancelled. It is very important that we continue to purchase as much land in this area as possible to ensure the future connectivity of this habitat.”





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