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Ocelot tail

Recent camera trap images from the trails through the Yungas Forest of Argentina show that the mammal populations in the area are using the El Pantanoso reserve as a corridor between the Calilegua National Park and the Estancia Urundel.

The black and white camera trap images offer an insight into the unseen activity on El Pantanoso’s trails, with images of Jaguar, Puma, Ocelot (tail pictured right), Lowland Tapir, Collared Peccary and Red Brocket Deer.

Habitat for Big Cats

One year ago, on May 12 2016, World Land Trust’s (WLT) partner Fundación Biodiversidad Argentina officially signed an agreement passing over the ownership of more than 10,900 acres (4,400 hectares) of Yungas forest, which created the El Pantanoso reserve.

This was partially funded by WLT’s Big Cat Appeal of 2014, due to the importance of the habitat for Argentina’s Jaguars, but also other big cats like the Puma and Ocelot caught on the camera traps. It also holds more than 350 bird species, including the threatened Solitary Eagle, Black-and-chestnut Eagle and Tucuman Amazon.

One of the camera traps was placed in a section of the reserve that FBA believed was being used by Jaguars to travel from El Pantanoso to Río Morado, and the images confirmed that these big cats are using that trail.

Recent flooding

There has been heavy rainfall in the El Pantanoso area in the past few months, and the last storm caused the destruction of some of the reserve’s accommodation.

This project is supported by a grant from the charitable fund Arcadia, which has supported the creation of the reserve as well as reserve management.

More information

The protection of this important Jaguar habitat is supported by Buy an Acre, as land purchase payments are ongoing to secure this area of Yungas Forest for its rich wildlife. To ensure it continues to provide a corridor for Jaguars, Pumas, Ocelots, Tapirs and other mammals, please donate to Buy an Acre.

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