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Sarah Class

World Land Trust (WLT) patron Sir David Attenborough has featured in a music video for WLT ambassador Sarah Class called ‘I Will Fight’.

Sarah Class has been a supporter of WLT for several years, donating a portion of the proceeds from her music sales to WLT conservation projects.

John Burton, WLT Founder/CEO, has said “We are honoured that a musician such as Sarah would dedicate her time and talent to promoting the work of World Land Trust (WLT), and that Sir David has collaborated with her for this music video.

“The message is clear: the land which should belong to wildlife is being lost to deforestation, degradation and development. Sarah’s video is promoting our Action Fund appeal, which supports our partner’s work on the most urgent conservation projects around the world.”

Sarah has worked on projects with the BBC Natural History Unit and David Attenborough before, as she composed music for the Attenborough-narrated BBC series Madagascar and Africa, and was subsequently Emmy nominated for outstanding individual achievement in music and sound in 2012 and 2014.

Call to action from David Attenborough

In the music video, Sir David says “We are totally dependent upon the natural world for every mouthful of food we eat, for every breath of air we take and for most of the things that most of us think make life worth living, and if we’re going to secure them, we must fight for them.”

“If we’re really going to save the animals and plants that give us so much joy, we need to give them land – great areas of land.

“One shaft of light and hope in looking ahead at what’s going to happen is, in my view, what you see when you see the history of our World Land Trust.

“One of the most effective ways of securing land for the natural world is to help the World Land Trust buy it.”

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Sarah Class: I Will Fight (warning: video contains upsetting imagery)

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