5 ideas for animal lovers on Valentine’s Day SEARCH NEWS

True love, proboscis monkey

The day for lovers is approaching. Whether you’re counting the days or ignoring Hallmarks’ pink window display this year, if you are an animal lover, we have some ideas for how you can celebrate.

As the popular saying goes: love is blind. This Valentine’s Day we have seen some celebrations of some of the less traditionally beautiful, but still charismatic and important, animal species which are in need of more attention.

Ugly and forgotten

Valentines cards

Ugly and forgotten is an online shop of unusual Valentines cards celebrating endangered, if a little ‘ugly’ animals and donating proceeds to their conservation. The Proboscis Monkey and Purple Pig-nosed Frog cards will support WLT conservation projects protecting the habitats of these species (Bornean Rainforest and the Western Ghats, India).

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Unique and eccentric gift

Axolotl finger puppets

Perhaps you are on the lookout for a one-of-a-kind gift for an animal lover, which will both delight your valentine and benefit conservation? Look no further than Sophie Corrigan’s hand-knitted axolotl finger puppets. A portion of the proceeds from each sale will go towards WLT’s Buy an Acre project in Mexico, which protects the habitat of wild axolotls.

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Scented and sweet

Valentines gift boxes from The Body Shop

To properly pamper your valentine, have a look at WLT’s long term corporate supporter The Body Shop’s collection of Gifts for Her. The Body Shop is committed to environment sustainability and wildlife conservation, supporting WLT’s projects in Vietnam and India.

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World’s most unloved species

Helmeted Hornbill

Like it or not, sometimes the most beautiful animals get the most attention when it comes to conservation. But Wildscreen Arkive’s #LoveSpecies campaign is trying to change that by asking wildlife conservation charities to nominate an ‘Unloved’ species they think is deserving of some attention this Valentines Day. It is a tricky list to choose from, but World Land Trust (WLT) have nominated the Helmeted Hornbill and we’re asking for your help to crown it the winner.

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Valentines failsafe: chocolate

Valentines cards

Sometimes it is difficult to know exactly what to give someone, whether for Valentines, an anniversary or a birthday. But chocolate is always a safe bet. Rococo Chocolates have been a long-time supporter of World Land Trust and currently make a donation for every bar of 65% Cocoa Organic Dark Chocolate Artisan Bar sold.

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