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Renowned street artist Mau Mau has teamed up with World Land Trust (WLT) and corporate supporter The Hemp Trading Company (THTC) to design an original campaign shirt for donors to show their support for WLT’s Elephant Corridor Appeal.

Mau Mau is known for his controversial street art, which has made statements against the badger cull, Tesco and MacDonald’s stores being built on previously wild land, and tabloid media.

Elephant crossing artwork

After learning about WLT’s Elephant Corridor Appeal, Mau Mau created a design depicting a herd of elephants walking through a corridor. The lead elephant is carrying a STOP sign, to represent how corridors grant wildlife safe crossing through towns and agricultural land.

Mau Mau said “I am happy to have worked on a design for the World Land Trust. The work that organisations such as WLT do is, I believe, of most importance in helping to save our environment, the world and the animals that live on it in these serious times.”

Ethical wear

THTC is an ethically-driven clothing label which has supported WLT previously with their line of King David shirts. The ‘Elephant Crossing’ shirts are made of organic cotton sourced from a Fair Wear Foundation organisation, which ensures that all garment workers are paid a fair wage.

Half the proceeds from the ‘Elephant Crossing’ shirts will go towards the Elephant Corridors Appeal, and if bought within Big Match Fortnight (5-19 October) these donations will be doubled by our match sponsors.

Get yourself a Mau Mau ‘Elephant Crossing’ shirt now!

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