A video of a baby tapir: perfect for Mother’s Day SEARCH NEWS

Mother and baby Mountain Tapir cross a rocky stream bed (still from a trail camera video).

As a rule, communications staff at World Land Trust (WLT) tend not to spend their time looking for images of cuddly animals, but in the run up to Mother’s Day we make an exception.

This year an enchanting video of a mother and baby tapir in Ecuador strikes the right note on Mother’s Day.

This trail camera footage of the Mountain Tapir (Tapirus Pinchaque) was recorded in a reserve in Ecuador owned and managed by Fundación EcoMinga, a WLT conservation partner since 2007.

Classified as Endangered on the IUCN Red List, the Mountain Tapir faces threats from all sides: hunting, loss of habitat, the spread of agriculture and the incursion of cattle into the mountain refuges that are typical tapir habitat.

WLT is currently working with Fundación EcoMinga to raise funds to purchase properties in the Andean cloud forests of central Ecuador, where rare and charismatic mammals like the Mountain Tapir make their home and bring up their families. So far nearly £420,000 has been raised towards the Forests in the Sky Appeal total of £500,000.

Ethical gifts

Meanwhile on the ecojam website, Eleanor Williamson gives a link to the Save Rainforest as a Gift page on WLT’s website in her top five tips for Mother’s Day gifts that won’t hurt the planet.

You can give an ethical Mother’s Day present and help WLT save forest habitat for baby tapirs in Ecuador with a Mother’s Day gift donation to the Forests in the Sky Appeal.

In the UK Mother’s Day is on Sunday 6 March 2016. The order deadline for a Mother’s Day gift donation with a gift pack, certificate and card is midnight on Thursday 2 March 2016.

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