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Lizzie Daly

Lizzie Daly is planning a marathon fundraiser for World Land Trust (WLT) in 2016.

In June Lizzie will be running through some of the most beautiful and iconic European scenery as a reminder of why we should support international conservation.

She spoke about why she chose to raise funds for WLT: “I have dreamed time and time again of adventuring into the heart of a jungle surrounded by an abundance of wildlife and I plan to keep this dream very much alive! World Land Trust is a charity I can rely on to directly conserve these threatened habitats.”

Lizzie is planning to run 250 miles over 10 days to raise funds for WLT, journeying through Portugal, from Porto to Lisbon. Her fundraising target is £2,000.

A passion for nature

A presenter with a keen interest in nature, Lizzie channels her passion for the natural world into her wildlife videos.

This isn’t Lizzie’s first running challenge, as she participated in long distance runs for charity in 2014 and 2015.

“Our earth is the foundation of life for all species, yep even ours! Yet we continually take it for granted and it’s now become more of a problem than ever. What really gets my goat is that you watch it on the news, read about it in papers, hear it on the radio, but people feel disconnected and so do nothing and it’s not on! If I can help by doing a silly little challenge like this one then I will.”

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