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Spectacled Bear

Wildscreen Arkive’s #LoveSpecies Valentine’s Day campaign is putting the spotlight on under-appreciated creatures with an online poll.

More than 80 conservation charities including World Land Trust (WLT) have each nominated a species that they are convinced deserves to be better loved. Supporters and other members of the public can show their love for their favourite unloved species by voting for it online.

WLT has chosen the Spectacled Bear (Tremarctos ornatus) for the poll. The Spectacled Bear is less well known than its relatives the Polar Bear and the Grizzly Bear, although its association with a famous children’s book character gave it a brief moment of fame in 2014 when the film Paddington was released.

The Spectacled Bear and its habitat are highly threatened and WLT is determined to show the species as much support as possible.

WLT protects vital habitat for Spectacled Bear in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. The Spectacled Bear is one of the species at the heart of WLT’s the Forests in the Sky Appeal, which aims to meet a target of £500,000 by May 2016.

The poll is attracting international interest and conservation charities from all over the world have nominated species. Asociación Civil Provita, WLT’s conservation partner in Venezuela has nominated the Yellow-shouldered Parrot (Amazona barbadensis). Closer to home, the Zoological Society of East Anglia (Banham Zoo) has nominated the Saola (Pseudoryx nghetinhensis).

Please vote for the Spectacled Bear

Participants can vote to highlight the plight of their favourite under-appreciated species from now until Valentine’s Day. The winner of the poll will be announced on Tuesday 16 February 2016.

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Please vote for the Spectacled Bear

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