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Khe Nuoc Trong forest, Vietnam

When it comes to climate change, are you putting your head in the sand? Despite the enormity of the problem, each and every one of us is capable of taking steps, however small, towards addressing the challenges posed by a warming planet.

And, with 2016 still in its infancy, now is the moment to make a New Year’s resolution to support the efforts of World Land Trust (WLT) to keep the climate stable through Carbon Balanced forest conservation.

In recent weeks, the impact of climate change has been felt across the world. In late 2015 exceptional levels of flooding displaced 150,000 in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. Closer to home, the great floods of 2015 have brought devastation and misery to Great Britain and Ireland.

WLT’s supporters recognise the role that WLT can play in tackling climate change through forest conservation. One donor said of a recent gift: “This donation is in lieu of some Christmas presents because one of my friends has had her house flooded recently and the climate changes seem to be the most important issue on earth at present.”

Forest conservation

Many of the forces driving climate change are caused by people, in particular the human emissions of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, from households, cars and flights. Another factor, the clearance of mature forests, is responsible for 20 per cent of the global carbon dioxide emissions, more than the combined global emissions of cars, boats and planes.

Keeping carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere by keeping it locked in forests is an obvious way to tackle climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions. Trees and vegetation store carbon in their tissues while they are growing and retain it in their biomass. Soil organic matter, derived from dead plant and animal material, is also an important store of carbon.

Since its founding WLT has raised funds to save the planet’s forests and biodiversity. Plus, in the past 10 years, WLT has developed specific programmes to balance unavoidable carbon emissions with appropriate forest conservation measures. So if you want to do your bit to tackle climate change, here are three steps you can take.


Flight emissions calculator

WLT’s handy Flight Emissions Carbon Offset Calculator makes it very easy for travellers to calculate and offset their flights’ carbon dioxide. If you’re not already using it, please make a New Year’s resolution to use the Carbon Calculator for overseas travel in 2016.

Carbon Balanced Paper


WLT’s Carbon Balanced Paper makes it easy for everyone to balance the carbon impact of their through WLT’s conservation projects. When you next need to order paper, please make it a New Year resolution to order Carbon Balanced Paper.

Carbon Balanced supporters

A number of organisations such as The Body Shop, Airport Parking and Hotels and Naturetrek support WLT by offsetting their unavoidable carbon emissions through WLT’s Carbon Balanced programme. Please make it a New Year’s resolution to support WLT’s Carbon Balanced programme by buying the goods and services of the supporters listed here.

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