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London 2 Brighton Challenge.

Join World Land Trust’s London 2 Brighton Challenge team – and raise funds to save the wild world.

WLT is entering a team into one of UK’s great endurance events, the London 2 Brighton Challenge. Dan Bradbury, WLT’s Head of Development is joining the challenge and helping to organise the team. He has invited supporters who have fundraised for WLT in the past to join the team, and he hopes that new fundraisers will also step up to the challenge. The team target is £5,000.

He said: “I hope that the London 2 Brighton Challenge will appeal not only to WLT’s loyal band of fundraisers, but also to supporters that have never yet taken part in a WLT fundraising effort. These challenges aren’t just about training and preparation. They are about a tremendous atmosphere on the day and a great sense of achievement at the finish line – both for having met a personal goal and for having collectively raised funds for World Land Trust and our conservation projects.”

There will be no pressure on the team members to stay together, everyone will go at their own pace. Members of the team will be identifiable by their WLT T-shirts.

Some 3,000 will take part in the event, and many more will line the route which starts in Richmond in south west London. Most will walk it, many will jog it, and some will run the full 100 kilometres, it’s entirely up to the participants. Two thirds of the challenge is off road, taking runners and walkers along scenic paths and trails through the south of England.

If you register and have a JustGiving page you can join the World Land Trust fundraising group via the following link.

Patrick Donegan

World Land Trust’s team leader will be Patrick Donegan. He plans to start late on the morning of Saturday 28 May, and arrive in Brighton the following morning.

On why he chose to raise funds for WLT, Patrick said: “I’ve gotten to the ripe old age of 48 and figure it’s about time I gave back and did something for the astonishing little jewel that is the planet earth.”

“Investing in protecting the species themselves is fine. But what if their habitat goes to hell in a hand basket at the hands of commercial developers, what then? World Land Trust’s approach is brilliant. That’s why the truly great Sir David Attenborough is a patron of this organisation.”

More information

As well as the full 100 kilometre course there are 56 kilometre and 44 kilometre options and there are rest stops, refreshments and support facilities at intervals along the route.

If you are interested to join the team, please contact Julia via [email protected] and she will provide more details about how to become part of WLT’s London 2 Brighton Challenge team.

Find out more about the challenge on the London 2 Brighton Challenge website »

The team target of £5,000 can help support a variety of WLT projects:

  • £1,000 could plant 200 trees
  • £2,000 could save 20 acres of threatened habitat
  • £5,000 could pay the salary for a Keeper of the Wild for one year

You can sponsor the team or individual members on Team World Land Trust’s JustGiving page.

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