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A video promoting a campaign to save an area of Yungas forest in Argentina is launched today at the inaugural conservation conference of the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA).

WLT and BIAZA have worked together to support overseas conservation projects since 2006. In 2015 and 2016 the focus for the WLT-BIAZA partnership is to save an area of threatened forest in northern Argentina.

Collaboration is the theme of BIAZA’s first conservation conference, and the WLT-BIAZA partnership is an excellent example of a long-standing partnership that has supported several important conservation projects.

“It serves as a great visual reminder as to the importance of this campaign.”
Zoe Williamson

“Our Field Programme Conservation Conference provides a fitting platform for the World Land Trust to launch their new video,” said Zoe Williamson, Communications and Membership Manager at BIAZA. “It serves as a great visual reminder as to the importance of this campaign and can be used by our members as a fundraising tool through their digital communication and social media channels.”

El Pantanoso

The Yungas forest urgently needs protection. It is home to one of Argentina’s few remaining populations of Jaguars, but it is at serious risk from the spread of agriculture, illegal logging and hunting.

BIAZA-WLT Working together logo

With the support of BIAZA members, WLT is raising funds to create El Pantanoso Reserve to protect an area of some 10,900 acres (4,400 hectares) of Yungas forest. The land purchase is being arranged in partnership with Fundación Biodiversidad-Argentina (FBA), one of WLT’s three partners in Argentina.

When funds are raised and the property is secure, FBA is planning a conservation programme both to ensure income for the long term protection of the property and also to engage the local community. The programme will encourage small scale enterprise and job creation in research, ecotourism and eco volunteering.


In another new development, BIAZA has created a JustGiving page to make it easy for members of the public to support the fundraising effort.

Visit the BIAZA Buy an Acre fundraising page » 

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