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Keeled Box Turtle.

Illegally trafficked turtles are being rehabilitated thanks to a donation of US$2,000 from World Land Trust (WLT).

Earlier in the year the Vietnamese authorities intercepted almost 100 Critically Endangered and 82 Endangered turtles and transferred them to a rescue centre near Hanoi.

WLT staff visited the Cuc Phuong Turtle Conservation Centre on a recent site visit to Vietnam and were pleased to see the care and attention provided to the turtles.

Roger Wilson, Senior Conservationist said: “Rehabilitation for these turtles is going to take a long time due to the condition they were found in, but it is reassuring to know that they are being given the best possible chance of survival in the rescue centre”

Khe Nuoc Trong

“Khe Nuoc Trong is vital for the conservation of these species both on a national and international scale.”
Natalie Singleton, Programmes Development Officer

Roger and Natalie were visiting Vietnam to inspect the progress of a forest initiative in Khe Nuoc Trong, supported by WLT’s Carbon Balanced programme. WLT’s conservation work in Vietnam is in partnership with Viet Nature Conservation Centre.

Species such as Bourret’s Box Turtle (Cuora bourreti), Keeled Box Turtle (Cuora mouhotii) and Big-headed Turtle (Platysternon megacephalum) are all found within Khe Nuoc Trong, forest, in Vietnam’s Quang Binh province.

Natalie Singleton, Programmes Development Officer, “Quang Binh Province has one of the highest levels of herpetofaunal diversity in Vietnam and Khe Nuoc Trong is therefore vital for the conservation of these species both on a national and international scale.”

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WLT donated $2,000 so that the turtles could be properly fed, rehydrated and transported to a turtle centre in south of Hanoi. The turtles are receiving proper medical attention from experienced staff and will stay at the rescue centre for long term rehabilitation.

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WLT funds a team of rangers in Khe Nuoc Trong and a donation to WLT’s Keepers of the Wild programme will ensure ongoing monitoring and protection of threatened species in the reserve.

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In July 2015 WLT launched Keepers of the Wild 2020, an appeal to raise £750,000 to guarantee WLT’s ranger support programme until 2020.

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