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Carbon Balanced Paper Launch.

Representatives of the print and paper sector reconfirmed their support for Carbon Balanced Paper at a special event in London in December.

Carbon Balanced Paper offers a simple way for printers, paper makers and distributors to balance the carbon impact of the paper they use through conservation projects undertaken by World Land Trust (WLT).

Through WLT’s Carbon Balanced programme, carbon emissions generated by a particular product or activity are offset or ‘balanced’ by the carbon stocks saved when WLT conserves ecologically important forestry under imminent threat of clearance. (These standing forests ‘lock in’ carbon that would otherwise be released, and continue to absorb carbon dioxide through their lifetime.)

A new film about WLT’s Carbon Balanced programme was shown at the event, which was held at the London headquarters of PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP.

Partners and distributors

Carbon Balanced Paper is growing in popularity with printers and their customers. In its initial phase from 2012 to 2015, Carbon Balanced Paper was used by more than 350 printers in the UK who registered 12,000 individual Carbon Balanced print jobs on behalf of 2,500 different brands and organisations. The Carbon Balanced Paper initiative will now be administered by CarbonCO in partnership with WLT.

At the event, Jonathan Tame, Director of CarbonCO confirmed a new and expanding network of partners and distributors for Carbon Balanced Paper. He announced three partners: paper merchants Antalis UK and Denmaur Independent Papers, and paper specialists Fedrigoni UK.

“Carbon Balanced Paper offers a simple way to reduce carbon emissions.”
Jonathan Tame, Director, CarbonCO

He also highlighted Carbon Balanced Printers: Banbury Litho, Barnwell Print, Cross Print, Curtis Packaging, Healeys Printers, Kingfisher Press, NB Colour Print, Pinstripe Print, Potts Print, Resource and The Print Academy.

Jonathan has worked with World Land Trust for many years, having originally developed the Carbon Balanced Paper programme. Explaining the success of the initiative, he said: “Carbon Balanced Paper has proved to be a very popular way for printers to add real value to clients by means of a credible way to reduce the carbon emissions of their marketing communications simply through the choice of paper.”

Printers can use the Carbon Balanced Paper initiative in different ways. By working with CarbonCO’s partners, printers can ask for any product or individual paper order to be Carbon Balanced. Alternatively, they can buy from specific ranges which are already Carbon Balanced. Or, they can choose to balance any paper grades directly using a simple calculator on the Carbon Balanced Paper website.


Environmental impact

Viv Burton, WLT’s Director of Communications and Development, said: “At World Land Trust we need to communicate our conservation messages both digitally and through print to ensure that we reach the widest possible audience. For us, being able to use Carbon Balanced Paper is an excellent tool to demonstrate positive environmental impact and corporate social responsibility. It is inspiring to hear representatives of the print and paper sector speak highly of Carbon Balanced Paper from their perspective and to know that they share our enthusiasm for saving what is left of the natural world. We look forward to working with all parties to promote the Carbon Balanced Paper initiative.”

Malcolm Preston, Partner, Global Leader, Sustainability & Climate Change at PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP, which hosted the event, said: “We have long been a supporter of World Land Trust and, through our partnership, protect acres of threatened tropical forest and wildlife habitat with World Land Trust as part of our long term sustainability strategy. We are really pleased to see the print and paper industry supporting World Land Trust through Carbon Balanced Paper.”


Logo and resources

Printers that register a print job can use a unique Carbon Balanced Paper logo on that job, to clearly demonstrate their customers’ commitment to the environment. They can also request a certificate from WLT for their clients, highlighting the amount of CO2 that has been balanced and the area of land preserved as a result of their Carbon Balanced print job.

CarbonCO and WLT have also produced videos, fact sheets and promotional literature to explain the initiative and the wider ecological benefits

The relaunch of Carbon Balanced Paper was held at the London headquarters of PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP on 10 December 2015. The timing of the event was significant because it coincided with the international climate change talks in Paris (COP21).

More information

For more information on Carbon Balanced Paper visit or email [email protected] or call (01327) 828280

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