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A decorated Christmas tree supplied by Enterprise Plants.

For the fourth year running, for every Christmas tree on their books, Enterprise Plants will make a donation to World Land Trust (WLT).

The donations will go towards WLT’s Plant a Tree programme to plant a forest tree in a threatened habitat for every tree that Enterprise Plants sells.

WLT’s first and most long standing corporate supporter, Enterprise Plants is rightly proud of its environmental credentials. As well as sourcing locally grown trees where possible (to reduce carbon emissions from transport), at the end of the Christmas period Enterprise Plants removes and composts all the live trees it has supplied.

Plant a tree

WLT’s tree planting programme takes place in Jorupe Reserve, in partnership with  Fundación Jocotoco.

Protecting an important part of Tumbesian dry forest, Jorupe Reserve is located at the southern tip of Ecuador, close to the Peruvian border. The forests of this region are some of the richest on earth but are also some of the most threatened, with less than 5 per cent of the original forest remaining.

In Jorupe Reserve, rangers collect seed from the forest trees to raise saplings in the reserve’s nursery. The Guayacan (Albizia pistaciifolia), for example, is indigenous to the area and is one of the trees planted in the reserve’s reforestation programme.

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WLT supports tree planting to restore forests that have been degraded prior to being protected, and or to join up existing forest fragments.

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