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Forests in the Sky logo superimposed over a panoramic view of cloud forest in Ecuador.

Supporters of World Land Trust (WLT) have, so far, donated a magnificent £114,568 to the Forests in the Sky Appeal, but Big Match Fortnight isn’t over yet.

Including match funding, the total raised so far is just under £230,000 – nearly half way to the appeal target of £500,000. But the matching period comes to an end at midnight tonight and match funds are still available.

WLT will use funds raised during Big Match Fortnight to protect a biological corridor in Ecuador in partnership with Fundación EcoMinga.

“This corridor must be protected.”
John Burton, WLT Chief Executive

The appeal is urgent because there is a very real threat that properties in the corridor will become prohibitively expensive in the very near future. This is because later this year the Ecuadorian government will be considering a law to impose high taxes on land sales.

Lou Jost, co-founder of EcoMinga explains why it is so vital that the corridor is completed as soon as possible: “If this law is passed, prices for large lots will double or triple, making the corridor economically very difficult to complete.”

John Burton, Chief Executive of World Land Trust, is encouraging any supporters that haven’t yet donated to give what they can.


He said: “If you have already donated to the appeal, thank you. Your donation has helped save an extraordinary area of cloud forest in the Ecuadorian Andes, home to rare orchids, Spectacled Bears and Mountain Tapirs. If you haven’t yet donated, the countdown from midnight has started. Please give generously. Every donation, however small, will make a difference.”

After the end of Big Match Fortnight, WLT will continue to raise funds for the appeal. “We are determined to meet the appeal target this year because this corridor must be protected,” said John.

WLT supporter Steve Backshall is championing WLT’s Forests in the Sky Appeal.

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