World Land Trust benefits from new Humble Bundle SEARCH NEWS

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Humble Bundle is once again raising funds for World Land Trust (WLT) through sales of its latest mobile bundle of video games.

The Humble Mobile Bundle 11 is on sale until 7pm in the UK on 20 April 2015 (11am Pacific Standard Time). Already more than 14,000 bundles have sold.

As with all Humble Bundles, customers pay what they want for the games and chose how to allocate their purchase dollars between developers, charities and Humble Bundle.

Humble Bundle has donated more than £385,000 to WLT since May 2012 and $50 million to charity overall.

John Burton, WLT’s Chief Executive expressed his thanks to Humble Bundle: “Humble Bundle’s donations to charity are remarkably generous and we count ourselves as very fortunate that WLT is a beneficiary,” he said.

Humble Bundle works with independent game developers to produce and distribute video games. The firm also works with established developers and major publishers to distribute mainstream titles to raise money for charity.

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