Children go wild for World Land Trust SEARCH NEWS

Children from St John's wearing animal masks.

Children across the country have been raising funds for World Land Trust (WLT).

St John’s Church

In Hirst Green, Lancashire, St John’s Church has raised £35 for WLT by hosting an event about endangered animals.

The activity was held in February as part of Church Goes Wild, an education programme designed for families with young children, to inspire and educate youngsters about the natural world.

The money raised will go towards WLT’s Action Fund supporting conservation projects across the world and providing help where it is most urgently needed.

Dorking Quaker Children’s Meeting

The children’s group at the monthly Dorking Quaker Meeting selected WLT as their chosen charity in December 2014.

The young people were keen to raise donations to protect big cats in particular. So, having raised more than £100, the children decided to save an acre in Sierra Gorda because it is home to all six cat species found in Mexico.

To raise funds the children drew pictures, made posters and designed a card to promote WLT’s Big Cat Appeal. “World Land Trust as an organisation very much ties in with the Quaker commitment to environmental concerns, sustainable living and respect for our natural world,” said a representative of Dorking Quaker Meeting.

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