Top marks for Sevenoaks School: 10 acres saved SEARCH NEWS

Forest in Sierra Gorda.

Students from Sevenoaks School have saved 10 acres (4 hectares) of threatened habitat thanks to the academic success of its students.

For every 100 distinctions earned by sixth form pupils, World Land Trust (WLT) receives £100 to purchase and protect an acre of threatened habitat. The students have saved 10 acres since the initiative was launched by the school in January 2013.

It was Dr Matt Edwards, Head of Sixth Form at Sevenoaks School, who first came up with the idea of linking success in the classroom to a donation to WLT’s Buy an Acre fund.

He recognised that the incentive would motivate the students and give them an understanding of conservation. He told WLT: “The students really like to be making a difference for now and the future.”

“Congratulations to the students who have raised £1,000 through their hard work, and thanks to Dr Edwards for launching and supporting the initiative,” said Kelly Jacobs, WLT’s Education & Outreach Manager.

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